Is there a way to use a different size needle than the pattern calls for and still get the same size hat?

I am trying to teach myself to knit! I found a hat pattern I love, but don’t have the correct size needles. Is it possible to use a different size needle and get the same size and effect?

Yes, you’d have to adjust the number of stitches. Figure out how many inches around the hat should be by dividing the pattern gauge (stitches per inch) into the number of stitches. Then see how many stitches you get with the other needles and multiply by the measurement you got before. You may have to adjust the number a little to work any ribbing or other stitch repeat - for example, k2 p2 ribbing won’t work if the stitch number is a multiple of 5, you have to have a multiple of 4 sts. Then you may have to adjust the decrease ratio a little.

It helps if you can link a pattern, or tell us what it is, so we can look at it to help you in more detail.

You also might just try knitting a swatch with your yarn and needles and see how close you come to the pattern gauge. Often knitters don’t get the ideal gauge that the pattern calls for with the specified needles. Then you would change needle size to get closer to the gauge given in the pattern. See how many sts per inch you get with your needles.

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Yes posting the pattern ane and link if possible would be helpful. Could you also tell is what size needles and yarn the pattern suggests and what size needles and yarn YOU want to use instead.

The pattern I am trying to use is the Easy Knit Hat pattern at The pattern calls for size 10.5 16" circular needles used with bulky wool. I have size 9 and size 11 circulars only and I want to use a #4 weight yarn. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

I think the 11s may be too large. But knit a sample and see how the gauge compares, you might get the same, the only thing is it’ll be a looser knit. That may be okay with you. See how many sts per inch you get, then multiply it by the measurement the stitches in the pattern use. If it’s too large, you can cut down the stitch number by increments of 2 (because of the ribbing pattern).

That’s a cool site but I can’t find your pattern. Could you please provide a link?

She can now, but she couldn’t in the last post. You need to have a couple posts first. This is supposed to keep the spammer links down to a dull roar. :zombie:

I think this is it…found it on Ravelry.

Thanks so much for your help! I inherited my mothers’ needles and am trying to work on her gift for crafting! Thanks again.

Okay that’s more of a recipe than a specific pattern (CO set number of stitches) so if you just follow the instructions you’ll be okay. It’s pretty wide though - it makes a hat 26" around, so it’ll be very large. I’d knock that back several inches, even for me, and make it 20-22 times your stitches per inch.

For a first pattern, I think that hat is terrific. You really can’t go wrong with it. What a fun first knit.

Thanks Suzeeq. That’s what I decided, so I guess I made the right decision. I’ll let you all know how it turns out! Happy knitting, you all.