Is there a way to make this hat brim?

I am trying to make a certain hat that has a very odd brim. There’s no pattern for it as far as I know, so I was trying to figure out one for myself. The hat in question is pictured here: Is there a way to do this? I’m good at following patterns, not good at making them myself. Any ideas about how to go about it would be appreciated, assuming it is possible, of course.

For the edge of the hat you’d have to do increases and decreases, the horns can have sts picked up in the right spot, then done as I cord with decreases.

Well, that’s what I was thinking, but it seems complex. Not that complexity is necessarily a bad thing, but… Anyway. So cast on a number of stitches for the back of the hat, and then start with the increases/decreases on either end, then sew up the middle? That’s kind of what I was thinking before I decided to ask a question. (Thinking that knitting it flat would be the way to go.) Anyway, thank you for your reply!

I was thinking you cast on all the sts, then do shaping for the front with the increases and decreases.