Is there a way to change which side is right and which is wrong?

I decided to deviate from my pattern a bit and cross the cables on rows 10, 20, 30, etc. To make sure that I could cross them on the right side, I started knitting from the wrong side. I changed my mind, and now I want to be able to cross my cables on odd rows (which in this case, is now the wrong side.) I know how to do wrong side cables, but I’d prefer to do it on the right side because I tend to make a lot of mistakes when I do it this way. Is there a way to change the odd rows back to right side rows and vice versa, or is the only solution to frog it and start over?

Welcome to KH!
You could add in an extra row or leave out a row between the last cable and the next. That would put the cables on the RS row. If it’s toward the beginning of the project and depending on how frequently the cables are crossed it may not be noticeable.
What is the name or number of your pattern?