Is there a virus running around here?

Every time I click a link on KH, I getg asked to save a file called posting.php. Is this a virus on the site? Or maybe it’s my computer…?

I hope it helps to know this, but -

It doesn’t happen on mine.

I think the problem is on your end.



No viruses here on KH as far as I know. You should do a virus scan on your computer just to make sure. I’ll ask the admin if it could be something wrong with their software, too.

I actually got a message like this too…yesterday, when I tried to log into this site. I hit cancel and tried to log in again, and it worked just fine.

I’ve never gotten this message. My dh is a computer person (Note: I didn’t say geek) so we have all sorts of virsus stopping stuff.(Note: I am Not a computer person-can you tell) don’t know whether that has anything to do with my not getting that message or not.

I got it a few times here and there too when clicking on a link to open a thread. When I canceled and clicked a second time it didn’t do it. I think that was on Thursday that was happening. I didn’t read much on here yesterday so I don’t know if it would have still happened. Whenever I clicked on a thread yesterday it would mark every other thread as read so I gave up and didn’t click on a whole lot. :shrug:

I just went to click on a post in here and something tried to pop up but something dh has running stopped it… :shrug: yesterday I had trouble with the messages and if they had been read or not too…

Hmm, I ran virus scan and it didn’t find anything so I guess it’s all good! Thanks for the feedback!

Sometimes the site has been acting wonky. Amy’s very talented hubby is working on it. We’ve gotten so big, that sometimes the program can’t handle all of us. :shrug:

The fact that the file extension is .php probably means it was something site related and harmless, but you should run some spyware/adware scans using Adaware and Spybot S&D just to be sure. Most anti-virus apps don’t do much for spyware/adware and tend to not detect them.

thanks, Mason!

I haven’t run CCleaner or Spybot in a while, I’ll go do that now.

Oooh, boy 10 problems found and fixed with spybot. Wow, I had been running CCleaner for a few months and totally forgot Spybot! And look what happened!

:cheering: Thank goodness for Amy and Sheldon… I’d be lost with out my KH :verysad:

Are you sure you aren’t right clicking by accident? I know I’ve occasionally saved a copy of the post website to my desktop because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. That really sounds like you were hitting “Save Target As” instead of clicking on it to follow the link.

But I agree with Mason about running all the anti- programs. You should do it once a week, if you are on the internet a lot. All sorts of nasty stuff creeps on your computer. A lot of them you can set up to scan automatically. Also, make sure all your file definitions are current, and for your anti-virus, make sure your subscriptions are current!!! Don’t let them expire.

Here is what it looks like when it happens. It doesn’t happen to me every time, there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason as to when it happens and I do know that my adware is up to date as well as my anti-virus. (and no i am not right clicking…i am actually smarter than to not notice me doing that! :teehee:) It really doesn’t seem to hamper anything. If you click cancel it goes away and then you can click without it appearing again. :shrug:

Yup, Brendajos, it is the same with me. And I am not right clicking either. I don’t know what it is, and it just started happening within the last few days. Doesn’t happen to me on other sites, just this one. Very odd!

I’m guessing it’s a security snafu with IE or whatever browser is being used. The browser is detecting posting.php as a download. I know if I scroll over the preview and the submit button posting.php shows in the bottom of the window on IE7 so that appears to be a legit function of the board.

Yes, this is a fluke and no it is not a virus…


Your browser might ask you to download a file (posting.php, viewtopic.php, etc.) if the server cannot complete the request within a specified time period (called a timeout). I bet you the download window appears after about 60 seconds, which is the standard timeout limit.

The timeout could be caused by many things: server too busy (common lately, and we’re working on it!), bad/slow connection, restarting the servers (we do this from time to time) etc. But rest assured it isn’t a virus. If you were to download the file and open it up it would most likely be blank.


Okay, back to tuning the KH servers…

wow look at sheldon posting! :wink:

It really doesn’t hamper anything when trying to post and read. Like I said, when you click cancel and then click on the link again it doesn’t appear. (It doesn’t take that long for it to pop up though.)

I am wondering if it is trying to force me to upgrade to 7.0 which I just got rid of and don’t really want to switch back if I don’t have too. :thinking:

I have noticed that my flags have been behaving better lately. A lot of times some of the newer threads keep their flags until I hit the “Mark Topics Read” link. Now they are all going away! :smiley:

:heart: :heart: :heart: