Is there a UFO thread started?

for Unfinished Objects, that is…

I have several, and even a box to store them in, labelled UFO’s :aww:

Here’s one, which has me the most frustrated, cuz I spent so many, many hours on it.

It got all ‘out-of-square’ (cuz I can’t count stitches, I guess…) and I just kept on.
Then I found a solution, and was temporarily all proud of myself…I crocheted long and short sticks in the brown, to square it…(see below, left bottom corner).

Now the pride has changed to shame, as I feel I ought to have frogged it…oh dear, what to do? Toss it? give it to a child as a completed doll blanket?

It would make a nice lapghan if I could just finish it…or maybe I could turn it into a shawl
…(for those cold, winter morning meditation sessions at the Hermitage nearby, at 5:30AM…)
by knitting sides onto it, in a striped or plain pattern?

What to do? what to do?..what would you do?

It is 23 inches square (finally, squared!)

The GOOD THING about log cabinning…they are never UFO’s…they are WIP’s. The Mason-Dixon gals say they ALWAYS have a worsted weight and a dk weight log cabin in progress. After they’ve finished something, they add the leftover yarn to the log cabin in progress!

When this log cabin of yours is a little bigger, you could use it for a nap blankets, but, as is you can use it for a lapghan! You have a nice color scheme rollin’…but now you could start adding random bits of color on the outside logs! Hang in there!

We don’t have a UFO thread because it would end up being ridiculously long. We all have a bunch of them. :teehee:

To be honest I think some of the “off center” log cabins are really cool. Who says they have to be all centered and matchy matchy? Work on it a little at a time and eventually you’ll have a lovely blanket. I like the colors!

looks fine the way it is…

my knitting UFO’s list is non-existent… i generally have 2 projects going at once (a small, portable project since my dh prefers to drive when we go places and then a larger not-so-portable project for home)

My quilting… that’s another monster… i have 2 baby quilts in the process and no real desire to work on them right now…

I think your log cabin blanket looks great. Love the colors you’re using. A splash of red or something bright placed randomly would be a good addition.

I’ve got a log cabin dishcloth on the needles right now. A little labor intensive for a dishcloth - all those ends to weave in! but I stop and weave every few blocks so there won’t be soo many at the end. I keep it in the car, it’s my on the go ‘waiting in line/waiting for DS’ project.

I think it looks great! Keep going!

I agree with everyone else…it DOES look great! If you don’t want to continue, you could always knit a 23" solid square, sew them together, stuff it and have a nice cushy throw pillow.

Hey, it’s a “mixed medium” (knit/crochet) project! Love your colors.