Is there a perfect interchangeable set?

The answer to your question is, NO.

There is no perfect interchangable.

I have 3 sets and each has it’s faults.

Boye- “catchy join” unflexible cable, the worst of the bunch

Denise- VERY thick cable, often come apart, acrylic needle (which I don’t care for) with a dull point.

Options- LOTS of quality issues, the cables on my set frequently come apart. Love the thin cable and poity needle tip but hate the fact that the cable often fails, at the worst possible time.

Agreed, but I have NEVER had one unscrew. I use this grippy drawer/shelf liner and the tighten and loosen easily, but remain tight in use. :thumbsup:

I love my Options. You can tell when the needles are beginning to loosen by the yarn snagging a bit. I just keep an unbent paper clip nearby in case that happens.
Works as well as that little gizmo they include that I’m afraid of losing.

Jan, after reading up on the KP threads and doing some detective work on my knitting, I think why some people have no problems with the tips unscrewing themselves and why some people always have problems with them unscrewing is that it’s probably down to personal knitting style! After watching the way I knit, I realized that I twist the tips a bit while I form the stitches, and after four or five rows on average, they finally start unscrewing.

Never thought of that! That could be it.

I love my KP Options. Mine do occasionally come unscrewed if I am lazy and don’t use the little key thingy. LOL. Anyway, I always thought I preferred my Addis, but after using the KP Options for a while, I think I might actually like the super-pointy tips. I just did a project where I needed a US 8 16" circ, so I used my Addi and the K2T on an eyelet round was not fun. It would have been much easier with a pointier tips!

I’m not sure which I prefer.

I do wish KP would sell a 16" cable.

Just want to put in my two cents. I got the kp Zephyrs and I love them. I have not had them very long (a month or 2) but I love the look the feel and they are absolutely my favorite to work with. Also they are the chepest of the KP set and look spectacular. At first because of them being acrylic I was afraid I might break them ( I am clutzy and I knock into everything :oops: ) but I have banged them quite a few times and they are still wonderfully intact. I luv them worth every penny:thumbsup:

[B]No.[/B] Every set has drawbacks, whether it is performance or price!

It’s like asking: is there a perfect man?

No, every man has his good points, and his drawbacks.

But this is for sure…a DRAWBACK in one person’s eyes night not be considered a drawback in another person’s eyes!

You might toss a guy back into the pond, but
another gal will fish him out and just love him to pieces! :heart::heart::heart:

TeeHee! :teehee:

You must decide for yourself about the perfect set of interchangeable needles! All we can offer is our 2 cents worth…and all it’s worth is 2 cents! :wink:

I am one of the apparently few people who have had issues with the KP Harmonies. I bought mine very soon after they came out and used them for all my knitting. I find that the needles come out of the metal base way too easily (poor glue?) and many of my cables have lost their metal joins.

I haven’t done any knitting in more than a year and when I went to put my set in order so I could start a new project, I was saddened to find that most everything in the set is broken.

I almost considered a Zephyr set as a replacement because of the cost but don’t think I will go in that direction because of the tips. I can’t imagine that they will hold up any better than the Harmonies have. I know the Options are more expensive but at least the tips won’t come apart on me.

I love the idea of pretty needles but I’d rather have a reliable tool that isn’t so cool to look at than one that is more likely to break.

And yes, KP customer service rocks, but I would rather not have to call them.

Just my thoughts!


Just saw this post and wanted to remark about my experience with Denise needles. I absolutely love the portability of the various sizes in one case, but [there’s always a but] I’ve had a couple of problems with the cables breaking mid-knit. In the one year I’ve owned the set, I’ve had to replace it twice. It’s an inconvenience and a huge frustration, but the benefits of having an interchangeable set far outweight the aggravations. Denise customer service is also very helpful and quite responsive in replacing broken cables. The one issue I do have now is that over time the cable connecting ends tend to wear down and the needles don’t stay on properly.

Even with those downsides, I’d still invest in a set simply because of the flexibility.

I’ve heard of some people who had the needles come out of the base realize that they were tightening the cord by holding the needle. One should always hold the base itself.

Oooh, good thought. I have no idea how I’m doing it, I’ll have to take a look. I prolly am doing it right, tho, cause I haven’t had any of the cables come out of the bases…

Has anyone tried the ‘new’ bamboo interchangeable set from Webs? I have the nickel plated options from KP and love them, but these are tempting me. I’m trying to rationalize it in my head by saying it’s bamboo - a whole new medium and the set comes with 16" cords. Can someone have too many needles?

Thanks again to everyone for your continuing opinions. Lots of great advice on how to treat the KPs sets too.

lactosefree - Too many needles? I don’t think so, considering I’m buying interchangeables after many years of knitting and a good range of needle sizes. Don’t have many dpns or really long cables though, so the interchangeables are my way of making up for that.

The new bamboo set from Webs have tips that are 4 1/8" long - short compared to the KP ones. You may or may not like that. It’s personal preference and one reason I’m not getting them. Also, I have broken a circular bamboo needle and my bamboo dpns are bending from use, so it doesn’t appear to be the right material for me.

I’m dying to try them! I don’t want to buy the full set yet, just try out one pair of tips. I wrote to WEBS and asked when they’d have individual tips in stock and it may be a while yet. They are trying to keep up with the orders for the entire sets first, then they’ll stock the pieces. I keep checking back every day. I’m impatient. :teehee:

I’m really interested in these needles because of their short length. I plan to knit 20 bumblebees for Christmas for my Grandson’s class & these sound great!:cheering: Are you still really happy with them? I have carpal tunnel & the shorter needle length sounds like it might be easier to work with in the round.
Thanks & (((HUGS))), Verna

The cable looks like that plastic that stays curled. That would drive me nuts and I’m not inclined to have to dip it boiling water or whatever every time I want to use them. Not cheap for that either. I’ll stick to my Options. :thumbsup:

My problem with options is one that is frequently discussed both here and on ravelry is not the tips unscrewing. It it the cable itself coming out of the metal end that screws into the needle. Personal knitting style doesn’t cause that, it’s caused by the cable not being securely glued inside the metal fitting.

I’ve had my options for almost 2 years and in that time I have returned 6 sifferent cables to be replaced. The last cable that came apart I didn’t even bother returning.

The one good thing is that the cables are pretty cheap and easily replaceable. It’s just very annoying when it happens.

How do you hold it when tightening the cable into the tip? By holding the needle or the base?

Not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers. It’s just my opinion. I’ve had it happen twice and I discovered that it WAS something I was doing. The first time it happened I didn’t think much about, but the second time I noticed something. When I tugged the needle to slide the stitches I could see that it was pulling the cable so hard it pulled it out a little. At that point I kept an eye on it and when I did it a few more times it did pull out. I am careful how I move my stitches now and it hasn’t been a problem since.

I’m NOT saying this is your problem. And indeed some of the cables may not be glued well, but I haven’t had a problem since I stopped yanking so hard.