Is there a perfect interchangeable set?

I have assorted circs I’ve bought over the years, but I still find myself buying a different brand in a different length every now and then. So I’m in the market for a set of interchangeable needles.

I know each person has their favourite, and personal preference varies. But from the reviews I’ve found, all of the sets seem to have at least one shortcoming:

Addis sound very nice, but I’m really struggling to justify the price no matter how good they may be. Are they really THAT good?

Hiya hiya appeal to me. Apparently a great cable & join. But I hear the tips are only 4" long and they look less pointy than KP Options, so I’m not so sure anymore. I think that would really bother me.

KP Options also seem to have a great cable & join. They have a longer pointier tip than hiya hiya, so it looks like they win. But it sounds like they need frequent re-tightening while in use and I’ll need to keep the customer service # handy (edited to add: for broken cables, detached connected ends). Are they worth these hassles?
(Harmony & Zephyr are just a different material with the same cable & join, right?)

Denise and/or Boye are described as adequate, but the cable/tip joins apparently don’t fit that well. I have a set of bamboo circs with a join that catches which really frustrates me, so those are out.

I was excited to think about getting a set. But it seems like I’ll be settling, no matter which set I choose. Not so exciting any more.

Well, you already know the answer to this question. No. There is no perfect set. They all have occasional problems and they have their good side, too.

For interchangeables…I have two sets. Denise and Options. Options wins hands down. I absolutely love them AND I’ve never, ever had a needle come unscrewed. You can use one of those shelf liner things (I cut a 3 in square) and use that to tighten and loosen. No problems. I like that I can buy needles and cables singly if I want to…and I have in the sizes I use most. Their customer service is outstanding and they have helped the few times I’ve had an issue. For my money, knowing that nothing is perfect there is no contest.

Oh for the Denise I liked them, but I never liked the cable. Too fat and not as flexible.

You’re right when you say there’s no perfect set. Btw, I don’t hear all that much about the Options coming unscrewed while knitting. It’s never happened to me. You just have to use the key properly and that won’t happen. The cables breaking are another story. Still, they are always cheerfully replaced.

All the things you’ve mentioned is what’s kept me from buying any particular set. I try this brand and that brand as I need them. The latest set I’m looking into is Webs’ own brand of bamboo interchangeables. They will soon be selling individual tips and cables and when they do, I’ll get to try them out.

P.S. I think the Addi are worth every penny. I only have some of the fixed circulars myself but if I could, I’d buy the set. I even find myself planning projects to fit the Addi needles I do have because I enjoy working with them so much.

I think you just have to find the set that’s perfect for YOU. I love my Options and Harmonies. Yes, there are occasional problems, but they are few and far between for me - and I usually knit daily. Considering Knit Picks customer service, I’m very happy.

It was late when I posted this. I think I actually meant to ask for an [B]ideal[/B] set.

Thanks Jan & Wanda, I am leaning heavily toward the Options. Buying individual tips & cables is important, what I also liked about the hiya hiyas.

Craw, I hadn’t seen the Webs bamboos. They look like a REALLY nice set. Unfortunately, the tips are short at 4 & 1/8".

I would also like to point out again that I believe the problems with cables breaking isn’t as prevalent as you’d think from reading forums. It does happen occasionally, and sometimes a needle or cable can have thread issues, but you gotta remember that the people with a problem post about it whereas the people who don’t have problems don’t. Considering the number of people that have them I really think it’s not a huge issue.

Yeah, I have to chime in with Jan. When your cable breaks or comes loose from the join, it’s a pain!

But seriously, high-balling the estimate, I’ll bet I’ve read maybe 50-75 people complaining about that happening. If you figure I don’t read that often and I’ve missed a bunch, multiply even by 10, and you’re talking 500-750 people with problems. (not a scientific way of making a determination, of course, but you get the idea). I’m pretty sure they’ve sold WAY more sets than that, or they wouldn’t still be in business!

I’ve bought two sets of KP interchangeables–one Harmony and one Options, and the only problem I’ve ever had with KP is a small sock needle coming loose–a fixed circ, not even an interchangeable! I’ve had mine for about 2 1/2 years for the Options and about 1 1/2 years for the Harmonies, and i knit pretty regularly, if not as prolifically as some on these boards!

Hiya Hiya interchangeables are also short. I like them, but they do come untwisted (I understand a spot of dental wax will fix it but haven’t been where they sell any yet – until now!), and they are short. Also, I’ve noticed that the sts sometimes hang up on the ends every now and again. Other than that, I like the HH. I also own KP sets and like them as well. Am waiting to try Addi when I get into Germany, where they’re cheaper – I love Addi’s fixed needles!

I really wish there was a way to TRY them before deciding. I’m worried about making a decision I’m unhappy with in the end.

There’s a shop about an hour from me that sells the Addis, so I might go look. (The price is acceptable if they’re a birthday gift, right?!) I’m also tempted to order a single set of tips and a longer cable from KP for a chance to try them, despite the shipping cost.

What factor finally helped you decide?

Not sure who you mean by “you” in that last statement, but helped me decided on Options was price, customer service, and the fact that thousands of other users love them.

BTW…you can buy a singly to try them. That’s what I did.

I also was uncertain which set to buy, but by doing a lot of reading of posts here and elsewhere decided that KP’s would suit me best. I bought the Harmonys and haven’t regretted it. I broke a couple of the size 4 tips by sitting on my knitting and ordered replacements plus extras of the 3 smallest size needles because those I use the most. I bought some extra cables because I also tend to have several projects going and this way I can screw the end caps on and use the tips on another cable and keep on going.
I haven’t had to have anything replaced because of quality issues after almost 2 years and am glad I bought them.

Well, I’m exceedingly lucky in that I can currently afford to just buy several sets, decide which ones I like the best overall, and then will sell the others as used. So far, I’m liking the KP nickels the best overall, but still haven’t had a chance to try the Addi needles. They do all have their good and bad points, so it’s all going to come down to your own preferences.

I’d definitely advise buying a “test” set of each kind of tips within the range of sizes you like the best, and buy different length cables. That way, you’ll always have a range of circulars you can use, you’ll be able to test which ones you like the best, and they’ll be way useful to your needle collection.

i’ve been looking in to interchangables too, and i think i’ve settled on the KP needles for myself. for me it was down to Addi and KP and my final decision was based on a couple things. Addi doesn’t have a size US5 but has a US10.75 (but you can order a 10.76 from KP), i have not seen a place to buy more needles or cables as needed from Addi, and KP has great customer service that I’ve heard will take care of problems and i’m not sure if Addi has that.
I’m not trying to bash Addi in any way, i’m just pointing out the things that mattered to me and infulanced MY decision.

The only thing that really bugs me about sets…is most of them don’t come with a 16" cable option…sigh

I am starting to think a set of KP Options might be a good idea too!

I have Denises…and I use them a lot…the only thing that really bugs me about them, is that when you add a cable extender, you are forever having to push your stitches over it!

We will see…knitting equipment is always an investment…

Yeah, but you can get 16 in needles and they don’t cost a whole lot. I bought 3 in the sizes I use most. :thumbsup:

KnitPro in the rest of the globe outside the US does sell the shorter cable and shorter tips to make shorter sets. Hiya Hiya also does the shorter version, too, which is part of why all of their needle tips are so short.

I haven’t tried the hiya hiya or Denise.

I love my KP Options and have never had a problem with them coming unscrewed or the join coming loose, although a few people have had that problem. KP is always wonderful for customer service so they will replace anything.

I got a set of Boye Needlemasters off EBay for about 1/2 retail but I hardly use them as the cables are SUPER stiff and they give me tendonitits. I am keeping them in case I ever decide to learn the 2 circ method of tube knitting.

Hope all our opinions help.

Thank-you for all of your opinions and experiences. They have been extremely helpful.

The Denise were never a real consideration because of the quality of the cables & joins.
I was seriously starting to search for hiya hiya retailers within a reasonable drive (wanting to try hands on), but the short tips ended that.
The Options sound great, the only hesitation being the sporadic quality issues (even though CS is so helpful). It’s encouraging to hear some of you haven’t had any problems!
The Addi clicks are only a consideration thanks to birthday $. A US 5 tip can be ordered extra (or now appears to be part of the set) and the lack of a short cable doesn’t bother me (I was doing modified ML before I even knew what it was).

I still struggle rationalizing the cost of the Addis (how can knitting needles be worth that price?), esp. since I’ve seen some ends separating from cables on new clicks online as well. So I decided against an afternoon drive to check out the Addi hype. I’ve ordered a 40" Options cable & 1 tip, replacing a bamboo circ I recently broke anyways. I hope to love it and will then order the whole set.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the KP quality issues. I’ve never had any separation problems with mine (nickels), and I use them very heavily. (They do unscrew fairly regularly, but I’m told some orthodontal braces wax will stop that, so I’m looking forward to trying it.)

A lot will also depend on your tip preference. If you like sharp tips, def go for the KP, which are sharper than the Addi.

I have to say, when I first got the HH tips, I was shocked at how short they were, but I’m finding that I’m adjusting my knitting style to the shorter length fairly easily. Not everyone can do that, I know, but just thought it was worth mentioning, as they feel pretty comfy to knit with now and the shortness is an advantage in some ways.

Thanks Zina.
I forgot about the tip difference between the KP and Addis. I’ve seen comparison pictures online and think I’ll like the KP tips better.

I have a 16" circ with a short tip that I’ve used for numerous things over the years. I tried it again the other day and could probably use them, but I don’t want a full set of short tips so decided the HH were no longer a choice.