Is there a pattern anywhere for an adult car seat cover?

DH just got a different work vehicle and the seats are in not-so-great condition. The previous owner was female, so the seat covers have pink flowers on them. I’m amused, but DH isn’t. Has anyone ever seen a pattern for a knitted auto seat cover? I thought it’d be a great idea.

You all were so helpful with my market bag question, I had to enlist your help again! :thumbsup:

I couldn’t find one.

To be honest I’m not sure they’d be very practical anyway. That constant sliding in and out of the car and dumping stuff on the seats would be a lot of wear and tear. Anything pointy like pens, corners of books, etc would catch on the fabric, too. :shrug:

Thanks for looking, Jan!

If you really want to do it, though, you’d probably have to knit to the size of the seat.

Measure the seat front, check your guage, then cast on X stitches and knit to the height of the seat adding in any shaping needed, probably just needed near the top.

You could pick up stitches around 3 edges for the side pieces. and make a duplicate of the front piece for the back and sew it on. Ditto with the seat, though of course you’d only need the top and 3 sides. Make some I-cord ties to tighten everything together.

I would like how to do a front seat of car to knit .