Is there a name for this technique/style?

I’ve seen some sweaters, mostly men’s & boys, where the sleeves wrap around the shoulders and up to the collar. I love the technique for men, because it creates that broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip look we all love in our men (:blush:)
What do you call that style? I’m designing on the needles now, and would love some reference pics. Thanks!

You mean saddle shoulder?

Do you mean the raglan style that has a diagonal line increase (or a seam) from underarm to collar?


SOunds like saddle shoulder to me. I’m doing the unicorn pattern that Jan posted for my DH.


I thought that it was a raglan sleeve with a design going all the way down the sleeve and not usually in the rest of the sweater. With the saddle shoulder would the design go across the shoulders?

Look at the links I posted.

I just added links to raglan examples which may have a pattern (eg. cables) down the sleeve or just on the body or both.

Saddle shoulder (Tee bar shaped shoulder) - Squares the shoulders.
Raglan shoulder (Smooth shaped shoulder) - More room/mobility in the shoulder.

Thank you, Jan and Jack! There is a similarity between the two. I did look at the links, Jan. The links you added Jack cleared it up for me.

yup! saddle shoulder it is! (as opposed to the raglan - which I’m very familiar with and have done a lot of.) Thank you so much! And I really appreaciate the reference photos, too!

Oh, poo! I guess Jan won then. :nails:

We ‘A’ students don’t handle rejection well :oops: so I appreciate the nod that you were already familiar with raglan. :wink: I should have guess that. :waving:


Just for the record, saddle shoulders are very flattering to people with narrow or sloping shoulders; they make you look as though your posture has improved and they help balance out your hips.

Raglans are comfortable, but the diagonal line makes the shoulders look narrower and the bottom half larger – good for people with athletic builds, not so good for those like me whose weight has, ahem, [I]settled[/I].

Susan Guagliumi has a good book of saddle-shoulder patterns for men and women called [I]Knitting Saddle Style[/I] and Elizabeth Zimmermann has instructions for doing this style in one of her books.