Is there a name for one-loop Magic Loop?

Is it still called Magic Loop if you are only using one loop instead of two? Just curious!

I thought magic loop only used one loop? the loop between the two groups of stitches?

I believe it’s Modified Magic Loop. Great technique, I really like it.

I call it Halfaloop, but it’s generally known as a Modified ML, or variation on ML.

ML has 2 loops, tarrentella, one on the left and one on the right, when you loop the right hand needle around.

I suppose you are right, i just always considered that to be a sort of continuation of the first loop. Isn’t it odd how things can be interpreted differently!

Hee hee hee…Halfaloop! I think I’ll call it that from now on! :slight_smile:

I just started a Fair Isle beret and the needles I wanted to use were already on another project. So I used a set that’s a little too short for Magic Loop, but a little too big for regular circs, and I didn’t feel like using DPNs. Halfaloop works perfect. :slight_smile:

Can’t remember who was calling ML “Mickey Mouse” technique because the loops make two Micky Mouse ears…that amused me no end…I must remember to get a life. :slight_smile:

Is there a video or a picture of the “halfaloop” method? I can’t imagine how it works.

Basically, you know how in Magic Loop, you pull the cable out between the middle of the stitches, then you pull the right needle out of the stitches? So it makes two loops? In Halfaloop (hee hee), you leave the stitches where they are, but pull the right needle out anyway. Start knitting off of the left needle. The right needle cable will make the one single loop. You will have to stop occasionally to move the stitches off the right needle onto the main cable, so you have to have a flexible cable to do this.

The stitches stay on one bigger loop in your normal circular needle ring.

Does that help?

Funny - I could never really understand all the loops in ML and just couldn’t concentrate on paying attention to learn it. But the Modified or halfa loop is so easy, obvious and simple, now I can figure out the regular ML w/out using any tuts or directions.

Ahhh! Actually, now that I think about it–that’s what I’ve done on a couple of occasions in a pinch! I guess I didn’t really pay attention to the distinctions!

Yeah, I think everyone who uses circs for any amount of time has done it – I even did it when I was making charity hats and had never heard of Magic Loop. SuzeeQ says she thought she invented it 30 years ago. All someone did was give what everybody did a catchy name, i think! :slight_smile:

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Here’s a video - Modified Magic Loop - though Zina explained pretty well. I came up with it about the same time I thought I unvented Magic loop too.

Hee hee, I do that to avoid switching over to dpn’s as long as possible… I didn’t realize it was an actual technique! :roflhard:

Now I switch to 2 circs to avoid dpns… yeah, not a fan of the dpns.