Is there a forum for sewing as nice as KH?

To those of you who sew as well as knit…

can you recommend a forum for home sewing that is as nice as Knitting Help is for knitting?


Have you tried doing a Google search?

The forums on are an invaluable source of information! THey have a less “personal” feel than here IMO, but you can try them and see what you think.

Try the sewing/quilting boards over at HGTV-- I joined, and they are very helpful. I’ve not been there in over a month because I am just sooo hooked on knitting right now. I think quiltlady is a member on those boards.


Sew Forum is ok. Everything Sewing is a little more friendly and personal.

This has been a favorite site of mine for several years. I think you’ll like them.

I really like sewing mamas!

Craftster is very informative.

[FONT=Trebuchet MS]I second the nod to Very helpful folk![/FONT]

There is a very friendly sewing forum on Garden Web forum. In fact I learned about KH on their knitting forum. I think it is listed as sewing tlc the garden web is my second favorite forum.:happydance:

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I am going to visit them all and see what’s up.