Is there a difference between pu and pu and knit?


I’m making the “knit2together” house slippers and am stuck, well, in several places actually. But for the moment, they say to “pick up and knit”. I have checked several other patterns I have used and they just say to “pick up” stitches. Is there a difference? I’m assuming that I’m just supposed to pick up these stitches knit-wise but I want to be sure.


Here’s a link, not that it really provides any info,…

Are you a member of Knitting Daily? They had this very topic a few days ago. There is a step by step tutorial and pictures. Well worth the effort to join (along with free cool patterns).

I am not a member but will join today! Thanks!!!

Yes, just pick them up knitwise. There’s a video here under Tips I think, for how to do that.