Is there a crochet site as cool as this one?

I mean with the video clips and all

Checkthis out. I used it to teach myself to crochet.

No site is as cool as this one!! :sunglasses:

as ingrid said, nothing as cool as this one, but i like alot.

My crochet friends also recommends crochet cabana. also has a good following.

Thanks for the recommandations !

The videos that used to be on are now hidden in the Annie’s Attic website. if you can find them, and if the full collection is there, most of what you’d need for crocheting would be there. One of the things I like about Amy’s videos though is the audio… sometimes hearing what you are doing helps as much as seeing it {knit purl, purl knit! :wink: }

I won’t post it publicly… but I have a few recommendations as to where NOT to go for supportive help. I’ve been a member of many, and an admin at several crochet groups, and I know which ones you really need to avoid… especially after being so spoiled here! :wink: