Is the possiable

I found a pattern for a cabled wallet. I would love to add some length to it. Can I make it longer with out distorting the cable pattern? I also want to make it taller and with place to put my cash and cards.

Heres the link

Making it longer shouldn’t distort the cable as long as you keep following the pattern and just add another section or pattern repeat.

how can I make the compartments for my cash and cards?

The easiest way would be to make a separate piece and sew it inside. You could cast on a few less than the original number, then make it as tall as you want and sew it inside. I would not put the cable on the pocket(s). Just keep it plain stockinette so it doesn’t take up so much room.

What you’re going to have to be careful of is that the case will still close with pockets inside. It was wasn’t intended for that so you may have to alter it. It’s going to be a very thick wallet.

Here’s one that is meant to have pockets -

I’ll try it I saved the pattern on my pc. Thanks for the link