Is the Pattern Wrong or Is My Mind Playing Tricks???

I want to knit a shawl called “January Morning Shawl” from a book called “Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week”. It’s started in a corner with all the increases along one side with a cable going up that side. Normally I don’t look at the gauge for Shawls because I figure I’ll just knit until it’s big enough. This gauge caught my eye.
Gauge: 13 st and 29 rows for 4" in garter stitch, blocked

This is using size 8 needles with aran weight yarn.
Wouldn’t 13 sts over 4" be about 3 sts per inch??? I thought Aran weight is a #4 icon weight. What am I missing??

Thanks so much for helping me keep my sanity!!!


On size 9 needles I would expect appr. 4 sts/in. Aran is generally at the thicker end of 4 weight as I understand it. I’d think it would take at least bulky to knit at the gauge stated.

I had to look up the pattern. Very nice! What yarn are you using?

I’m planning on using a worsted weight yarn. I figured we could just keep knitting until we’re close to the end of our yarn!!


Did we go to the same knitting school? lol As I recall you are more or less self-taught, same as me. My methods work but would make most knitters cringe. I tend to start sweaters at tops at the top and work down and often determine length by how much yarn I have. My last top down top got sleeves and bottom borders knit perpendicular to the body - sort of a fancy schmancy bind off IMHO - and I did manage to determine how much yarn that would take.

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