Is the Knit One Purl One Bind Off the same as the Kitchener Bind Off?

A toe-up pattern for socks that I’ve been following recommends the kitchener bind-off for the cuff bind off. I’ve been having trouble finding directions on line, and found the K1P1 bind off videos on here. I find them a little hard to follow (as a novice) and then saw the suggestion to separate the knits and the purls onto 2 separate needles and then kitchener those. But do you knit and purl both the knit stitches and the purl stitches like you normally do when you graft a toe? As you may be able to guess, I’m totally lost.

Can anyone help?


I’ve never heard of a Kitchener Bind Off so I can’t really help with this. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, huh. lol It must be some sort of BO that is done with a tapestery needle. I don’t know how much it really has in common with a Kitchener stitch as I think of it which is something you do, like you said, to graft two parts together, like the toe of a sock.

If you can’t figure it out, you wouldn’t have to use that particular BO. There was a very recent thread where we discussed BOs for toe up socks. There is another sewn BO that some of us use that was explained there. Do a search on this site for “sewn bind off” and see if something comes up. It was just a couple of days ago. Or scroll down and look around and maybe you’ll find it.

I went and found the thread I mentioned. Here is a link to it. LINK I explain it and then the last post had a link to a site with pictures and explanation of it.

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I tried the link and it didn’t work for me. In case it doesn’t work for you, the thread was called “Binding off toe up”. Scroll down and look for it, it could be on the next page if you don’t find it right below.

Merigold is right, it’s done with a darning/tapestry needle, not a knitting needle. You should be able find a video on Kitchener st on youtube, or a tutorial somewhere on the web.