Is steaming ok?

Can I use a steam iron on a finished knitted project? I am almost finished with a baby poncho. I didn’t follow a pattern. I used Lion Brand Microspun, sz 11 needles (I wanted the stitches to be big.) I know not to put the iron onto the finished piece. Any suggestions? Or do I just wash and dry it?

I believe Microspun is acrylic, blocking acrylic doesn’t usually accomplish much. I’d just wash it. I would not use a steam iron on acrylic yarn.

Thanks! I’ve lost the label that gives me all that good and needed info!

Thanks! I’ve lost the label that gives me all that good and needed info!

There’s always internet for that kind of things…

I always wet-block my finished objects, never tried steam-blocking, but I heard that steam blocking is good on acrylic (which your yarn falls under), so go ahead with steam blocking.
(I even wet-blocked an acrylic scarf, … didn’t turn out too well though…)

You pin down the knitted piece in the desired shape and hover the iron above it, releasing steam. Then you let it dry (shouldn’t take too long), unpin it, and that’s it.

I have seen acrylic yarn melt, I would test steam a swatch before putting an iron to acrylic. SInce acrylic doens’t “block” like natural fibers I still don’t think you would accomplish much with the steaming.

Melt? But not from steam?!
You have to keep the iron ABOVE the piece you want to block, not let it touch it…

Blocking acrylic with steam works. IMO it works better than blocking wool by any means. It semi-melts into position.
Steaming acrylic does change the feel of the fabric. IMO it’s a desirable change, but some describe it as “killing”.

I’ve had acrylic/nylon blends shrink. Do a test swatch to make sure it won’t shrink from the heat and you are OK with “killing” the feel.

Here is a thread where I show acrylic blocked.

I would agree that it probably doesn’t need to be blocked, with steam or otherwise. One of the reasons for blocking is to even out the sts and for acrylics, wash and dry does that.

I have some microspun dishcloths that get tossed in the washer and dryer. They are fine. :wink:

Thanks for all the great advice. I knew I liked ya’ll!:muah: