Is something missing from the instructions?

I have been knitting for some time now, and have always been able to figure out the instructions for every stitch I have encountered so far. But there is a stitch in the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting Book that has me stumped. It is the Tuck Stitch on pg 139. It says:

Tuck st: Insert RH needle through the center of st two rows below and knit this stitch.

That’s it. When I had finally identified the st two rows below, and knitted it, I ended up with extra stitches at the end of the row. What is to be done with the stitch above the stitch that is knitted? I looked in my other knitting books and they were no help either. I admit I am stymied.

And since another stitch pattern I tried ended up looking NOTHING like the photo they had, I am a little disappointed with this book. Although I also have The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones, and am more disappointed with that book. There are mystery symbols in some charts that have no explanation, and I cannot find one of the stitch patterns featured on the front cover of the book anywhere inside.

But all that aside, can anyone help me with the instructions on the Tuck stitch? Thanks to all! This is a great website!

Is it possible that you’re supposed to knit the stitch two below plus the two above it all at once? When you knit one stitch below, you’re supposed to take the one above with it, so maybe that’s the case here.

Well, I tried to knit them together all at once, but the needle didn’t want to bend that way, and the already knitted work got all bunched up and twisted. And I realized that once I pulled the yarn through the upper stitch (after wrestling the needle into place), I wouldn’t be able to pull the yarn through the lower stitch because just doing that alone was impossible without a crochet hook. I suppose if I use a crochet hook for both stitches, it might work, but that seems like too much work, having to transfer the stitches and all…

You have given me an idea, though. Maybe the two stitched are supposed to be worked one after another. Knit the upper and then the lower, and then knit them together. Or the other way around, the lower, and then the upper, and then together. I will try it. Thanks!!! :thumbsup:

But don’t you agree that the instructions seem a little lacking?

Yeah! Success! I tracked down some help in The Big Book of Knitting, and in the Shaker section found that when making a Tuck stitch, the upper stitch is left to unravel (only until it hits the tuck part of the stitch). Now my sample looks like the photo in the book. Yeah!!! :cheering:

:figureditout: Good to know!


Did a search on tuck stitch and found this post. Can someone walk me through how to do this? My pattern says for tuck stitch:

“Insert the right needle into the stitch one row below, as if to purl” That’s it.

Still having trouble with this – any help is greatly appreciated!