Is seaming really so bad?

I have been reading tons of posts about how much people seem to
hate seaming up their knitted garments. I sat last night sewing up
a finished baby sweater and realized how much I love doing mattress
stitch!!! Am I just a weirdo? I find it very satisfying to be able to sew
up on the right side of the garment and pull that thread and watch
the seam “zip” up and look so neat and tidy. :happydancing:
Am I the only one who doesn’t care about trying to convert all patterns
to be knit in the round? Just curious… :slight_smile:


Seaming is work created by Satan.


But I also can’t do anything but Kitchener stitch neatly, which makes me hate it more.

Yes, yes it is. It is evil. I’m talking lake of fire evil.


Well, it’s not the most terrible thing in the world, but it’s no knitting!

I’m still new at seaming and I’m having a hard time w/ matress stitch finding the bits to sew together, but I do enjoy weaving in ends quite a bit!

I always hated seaming because I had only done adult-sized stuff. Then once I did a baby sweater and it went sooo fast, I didn’t mind the assembly at all.

The hard part, I think, is setting in the arms on an adult-sized garment. I don’t mind doing up the sides or arm seams at all. But those shoulders! Very stressful making sure everything lines up. I’ve only done 5-6 sweaters though, so those w/more experience probably have more skill than I and are less stressed out by the process.

I wouldn’t call it evil, but I try to avoid patterns with seams - either knit in the round or all one piece somehow. I don’t mind picking up stitches on some of those…

I suck at seaming. Mattress stitch is the devil! :-x

I like it, it makes me feel clever and accomplished. :rollseyes:
Especially when it’s something not for me, and I don’t have to come to the realisation that it doesn’t fit.

The first time I did mattress stitch, I was amazed. I don’t mind straight mattress seams at all–I, too, love watching the seam close up and the yarn disappear. I’m not crazy about putting in sleeves, though.:shrug:

I told someone I taught to knit that it was a chore. But she just seamed something, said it was easy and what was I talking about anyway??

So I don’t think you are alone. She does not enjoy weaving in ends.

I love seaming. I love getting all the pieces done and then turning them into a wearable project. :smiley:


Evil?!:shock: Holy Moly then I must like evil things!

Actually, there’s a time for everything and if you figure that out, seaming will be as enjoyable as knitting. That’s why I always have several projects going on, easy, semi-easy etc. and different pieces waiting to be seamed up when I’m feeling serious and concentrated.

Although it’s really not that hard. One good picture will really help, (to whoever said it’s hard to see which stitches). I think it was in the KNitter’s Bible that clarified it for me. Hmmmmmmm maybe I should go pull that little green sweater out of its basket and do some seaminnnnnnng naw

think I’d rather knit

I, too, enjoy doing the mattress stitch. And on baby/children’s sweaters, I much prefer seaming the sleeves to doing them in the round on double pointed needles.

Hmmm, I don’t know if it’s unadulterated evil, maybe semi-evil (more of a 333 than a full 666 x-() I do really hate set in sleeves though, I’d give them a full uber-evil rating! Just out of curiosity, do the people who like seaming also like to sew?

I sewed before I knitted, so maybe that’s why I’m almost relieved to be sewing something up. How can one object to doing something that is so easy to take out if you mess up?

Knitting in the round is great, but sometimes a large project divided up into smaller pieces is more manageable.

Also, sewing up knitted pieces is much more of a pleasure when the knitted pieces are finished nicely, have neat edges, etc.

Also…weaving two raw edges together is very satisfying.

I’ve never actually done any mattress stitch, but I remember watching Amy’s video and thinking [I]woah that looks so cool. I’ve gotta try that![/I] Maybe I won’t mind it so much… we’ll just see I suppose.

No, you’re not alone. I really like seaming and finishing projects. I think it comes from the fact that I like challenges, and finishing a sweater with really nice seams is most certainly a challenge.

I will, however, convert something to be knit in the round if I can. While I don’t mind seaming, I prefer the look of a seamless piece more.

i have only successfully seamed up a top once…only to find out that the top did not fit. urgh. while i did enjoy seeing the raw edges disappear, it took way too long to seam up the dk weight shirt. i also did not feel completely secure that the seam would not magically wiggle it’s way out, even after several knots.

i cant believe someone said they enjoy weaving in ends!! :?? i always feel like i’m not doing it correctly…if there is a correct way to do it. and i feel like everyone can see where i weaved the ends in.

I knit in the round, not because of seaming, but because most garments require st st and I HATE PURLING!!!