Is my sock supposed to look like this?

I just started a pair of socks for my dad using Regia jacquard sock yarn in Jean color.

I have never used a jacquard sock yarn or anything other than a solid color for that matter.

when I look at people’s socks using this type of yarn on the 'net, there’s a nice even-ness to the way the colors come out.

But, this looks just totally random.

I’m using #3 needles, just like the label suggests… is my sock supposed to look like this? It looks kind of crappy! Is my gauge just totally off or something?

I looked around online & couldn’t find the color that you mentioned to see exactly how it looks. All of the other Regia Jacquard colors that I saw seemed more stripey. Are you sure it’s jacquard?

If you’re knitting ribbing, sometimes the color is not as neat looking in ribbing.