Is my sock cuff too small?

I haven’t been here in ages but learned so much when I was here. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m back to knitting and using Silvers Sock tutorial. I have a worsted wool and I have it on size 7 and 3 dpn needles (14,12,14). If I measure one of the dpn, the cuff is approx. 2 1/2 inches on each dpn. I can’t imagine fitting a foot let alone a calf in the growing cuff. I’ve used Silvers in the past and had no issues, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember if I did something different.

Those are awfully small needles for worsted weight yarn. The instructions actually suggest size 6 or 7 needles for worsted weight. That’s probably why it’s so small.

Hi Jan. I remember you. :slight_smile:
I should have phrased this differently, so I did an edit. I am using size 7, and have the sock on 3 dpn needles per the pattern. I should say I’m following the pattern, yet the cuff looks small. I guess if you measure all three sides, then it’s roughly 7 1/2 inches round?

Have you started knitting it yet? If not knit at least an inch before you measure to get an actual measurement. The cast on always seems smaller by itself. It will probably be fine since you’re using the size 7 needles.

Yeah I’ve been here for many years. :smile:

You are an asset! Patient and knowledgeable!

I have approx 2 inches completed. I guses it’s been too long since I have knitted anything, so I’m unsure of most everything I do, lol.

Aww, thank you! :blush: That’s okay, we don’t mind helping. I’d say try them on because that’s the best way to tell, but since you’re using DPN you’d have to put them on circulars or waste yarn to do that. I’ve only made one pair of socks on DPN the rest have been circulars (magic loop).

I never mastered socks on circs…yet.
I did stretch them, but getting a foot through the dpn is tricky. They are for hubby (xmas), and I doubt his foot will fit.
Push comes to shove, I’ll give to one of my kids. :wink:

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