Is my CO row considered row 1?

I’m knitting a headband, with circular needles. I’m CO 72 stitches and then the pattern goes to row 2; evrything I’ve read about CO says that it isn’t considered my 1st row…but my pattern doesn’t list a row 1?

I’m confused? I CO long-tail and row 2 is a purl row.


Can you give us a link to a pattern? Or the name of your pattern? Then we could look for ourselves and try to help!!!


Yes, seeing the pattern would be helpful. Based on what you posted I would guess that in this instance the CO is considered row 1. That is atypical.

I think I figured it out. Pattern is confusing b/c it has pics in it, I’m also used to rows not rounds. (New to circular needles). I see now where it says “Rnd 1” after the CO. THANKS!

Just make sure that after you cast on, you place some sort of stitch marker on your right hand needle before you connect and knit your first round. That way you will know when you’ve finished a round every time.