Is Loom Knitting Acceptable?

I recently started knitting again using the basic knitting needles…then I decided to purchase a set of knitting looms to try them out. I really enjoy the fact that hats/socks are so much easier to make. But does that defeat the purpose? It being easier? I still am knitting on my needles too, I just believe that using needles is a craft need not be forgotten.

You can do whatever you want! There are no rules as to what tools you use. Some people even like to crochet! :rofl::rofl: (Just kidding!)

If you enjoy it then it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. :thumbsup:

No matter what route we take to accomplish our goal, the different tools involved are only a means to an end. If you enjoy the looms and like the end product, then use them. I too have been looking at the wooden looms for making socks and considering buying one from Hobby Lobby and probably will if I can catch them on sale or buy them with a 40% coupon.

It is most certainly acceptable. Just think of your [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]possibilities[/FONT][/COLOR]!
The socks, hats, double-knit scarfs and blankets (depending on the width of your loom).
You could combine “traditonal” sticks with the loom: how about a fine-gauge, soft yarn baby blanket—double knitted (the flattened tube) with a lacey border you’ve knitted around all four sides?

But what makes it most acceptable is if [I][U]you[/U][/I] enjoy it.

I haven’t used a loom but have considered it. I agree with everyone else, it’s a means to an end, and if you enjoy it, go for it. If anyone says different, ignore them. :slight_smile:

Totally off topic… I love your avatar. I have a pug named Rufus and a rescue dog that looks like… well, a corgi, dachshund, coyote I guess. I always joke I’ll knit him a tutu 'cause he looks like he’s dancing when he stands on his stubby back legs. The pug, not so much. But the coyote weenie dog definitely needs a tutu.

It’s personal preference. If you like the loom it achieves the same end result … I guess, never done it myself. I would think needles would be faster, isn’t it?

Thanks for rescuing. I’m a rescuer & foster mom too. :hug: