Is knitting supposed to make me cry? HELP!

OMG! I am soooo frustrated that I can’t learn this! I have been in tears trying to figure out how to go from “Casting on” to [U][B]knitting my first row[/B][/U]. I don’t UNDERSTAND! I am so confused! I usually pick things up pretty quickly, and I am so annoyed that I can’t learn this skill quickly! Isn’t knitting supposed to be relaxing? GRRRR…:waah:

BTW - Thanks for the video on Casting on - The “I Taught Myself Knitting” Kit from Michael’s was very confusing to me. You need a video on how to start the very first row -and it needs to be in slow motion!

Thanks, I will visit this sight frequently, I’m sure!


^Keep searching youtube videos on casting on and knitting, it took me over a week and viewing all kinds of videos just to learn basic knit stitch, but I did learn it.

I’m sorry you’re frustrated! Believe me, I know how you feel. When I first started knitting, I thought I would NEVER understand the knit stitch.

I used free videos online (like the ones Amy has made here), and I also purchased a knitting CD at Michaels. Both of these things helped tremendously. I would play the videos, with my yarn and needles in my hands, and practice while watching them over and over again.

If you want to see how the first row of knitting is started, check out Amy’s video of a small project on this page:

Good luck!:thumbsup:

I was also going to suggest watching the demo that Shandeh linked to.

Some very good pictures and a video here, too.

This one is very basic and shows english knitting so if you knit continental you can skip this one.

I haven’t been knitting for very long, but I did find that it helps tremendously if you have a friend who knits. I still think that knitting the first row is the most difficult part of a project, but once I’m in a few rows the stitches go much more easily (and with less concentration). Since you’re looking for videos I’m guessing you don’t really have anyone around you who does knit, but if there’s any way you can get your hands on a project that’s been started for you, I’d take the opportunity. Then when you go to knit your first row yourself, things will look much simpler.

Try a different method.

The page I printed out to start with was English and I threw my needles often.
Then I found Combined and that got me going quickly. Once I got that going and saw what I thought were limitations I easily switched to Continental.

Also start with small swatches so you can get somewhere faster, even if that somewhere is starting over.

I was the EXACT same way. I couldn’t get the purl stitch done, the knit stitch was even worse at first. I cried to!! I actually put my instructions, the yarn and the needles away for 1 week. It took me SIX weeks to get the first 10 rows correct. It’s all about practice. I learned a lot from my mistakes. Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing. I’ll tell ya…I couldn’t get past the 2nd to 3rd row done without making at least 2 mistakes. I learned by DVD’s…there’s one tape that has excellent beginner instructions.

Please don’t give up it will be SO benificial. It was to me.
Don’t do this :hair:

I agree with trying a different method. When i first tried to teach myself to knit I had a book that only showed English style. I hated it. Decided knitting wasn’t for me and stuck to crochet. Two years later while I was watching my mother knit I decided to try again. She is a continental knitter but we didn’t know those terms abut it looked so natural. She told me that she knits the wrong way, and couldn’t teach me. After that I sought out instruction on how to do it “the wrong way” and the videos on this site are what made me the knitter I am today (which is far from an excellent knitter, but definitely a happy one–a far cry from where i started). So watch the videos, play around with it, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I used to twist all my purls and had no idea until I read an article on twisted stitches and decided to recheck the continental purling method. I was wrapping the wrong way. oops.

I have tried for years to learn to knit. Both by looking in books and having other try to teach me. I just couldn’t grasp the concept. I am left handed and couldn’t hold the yarn in my right hand as everyone else was doing, even in those silly books. I watched Amy’s cast on video for continental and I learned to cast on correctly. Then I found the video for the knit stitch. This started me running off in the right direction. I have gone from not knowing a thing to knitting a very nice sock in just over 2 weeks. Look at all the videos on this site and you will learn with out tears.

Thanks for the encouragement and links! I will try again soon, but I need to let it go for a few days!
*Amy C

Good plan! :thumbsup:
In the meantime, watch the free knitting videos you can find online, and let your mind get used to the craft.

It’s as much a matter of training your fingers to work in different ways as it is to wrap your brain around what you’re doing. Eventually it all comes together.

Exactly! :wink:

It can make you cry yes, and throw your needles and yarn about. I second and third the suggestions above. If you know someone who knits try and sit with them if watching the videos don’t work for you.

I had a horrible time with learning to cast on and finally “got it” when I sat with a friend and watched her do it and then she watched and guided me until I finally could do it. Another tip is you may want to start with bamboo needles. Metal needles are slippery and caused a HUGE part of my frustration when I first started learning.

You can usually find some on Ebay, I lucked out and got a whole set for $9 instead of forking out $5 and up per pair. Good luck from another newbie!

In addition to what everyone else has said, I would also recommend letting your first knitting NOT be something you are making. It’s for learning. It’s not going to be perfect, it will not look perfect, let it be that way cuz it’s not a scarf or anything like that, it’s for learning. Like when you were a kid and learning cursive, remember how you did page after page of just parts of letters, you weren’t even writing letters at first, less yet words, sentences or more. And good idea to let it sit for a few days.

I hate the first row. :hair: Used to get my mother to do the first row. I found that if you cast on 1 needle size larger than what a pattern calls for the first row is much easier.

Yes, if the cast on is too tight, it’s certainly better to go up a needle size or 2 so you can get the needle into the sts on the first row.

<Hint: the cast on doesn’t need to be that tight…>

This was me when I started. I would cast on over and over and over again, only to continually rip those stitches off the needle and start over after failing to figure out how to get started on my first row. The videos here helped SO much. I think I watched the knit stitch and purl stitch ones a million times.

Keep at it. You’ll get it. And you will be so excited when you do. I’m addicted now.

My only suggestion would be if you know someone who knits or if there is a LYS that could show you. I don’t always get it from a video or book but if I see it hands on it clicks. Lucky for me my mom taught me how to knit. Don’t give up, once you get the hang of it it is very relaxing.