Is Knitting just a winter hobby?

Hi.I was wondering if you guys think that knitting is just for the winter months?
or could a person make knitting things in the summer months and wear them or could a person knit some stuff with thinner yarn in the summer time?

To do is year around as long as it’s not so hot my fingers are sweating so the yarn won’t slide.

There’s nothing yarn that I can think of I’d wear in warm weather. But I don’t mind making something for winter in May. My stock of indoor hats was started about that time.
The only thing that’s out for warm weather making for me is blankets. They’re good to start in warm weather so once it gets colder they act like a blanket while working on them but once warm weather hit my crochet blankets were put on hold.

Yup, there’s always something to knit. If you make warm sweaters in summer, they’re ready to wear in winter. Depending on where you live, linen and cotton blends are great for cool nights in summer. And then there are bags and hats, shawls and socks, and the list goes on.
I’d say definitely not just winter enjoyment.

To me knitting is a year round craft. That is why we have airconditioners for.

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