Is it worth $5.50?

looking to step up in my knitting career and attempt something a little more challenging, and found these two patterns.

i have seen countless free patterns online, and these two happen to be the two that appeal to me the most, but you have to pay to download them. [COLOR=“Cyan”]my question is, are they worth paying to download, or does anyone know of a free pattern like them??[/COLOR]

any advice?? also, i would be willing to share the pattern to start a knit-along if anyone is interested!!:knitting:

What you should do before you buy is go to Ravelry (it’s free to join) and take a look at the sweaters there. You can see what they look like in various yarns people have used, read about any problems, etc. You can sort by helpful comments, do a search on a word or part you may be interested in… Here’s a the links.

There are 30 projects for this one -

There are 253 projects on Ravelry for this one -

thank you so much for showing me those links! the hooded vest looks so much better worn than the cardigan. the cardigan is nice, but just not as flattering. thank you again!!:thumbsup:

Ravelry is a great source for finding patterns, and getting multiple views of a pattern done by others. You can always see how others faired with a project before deciding to buy a not-free pattern (errata, alterations, hints/suggestions, # of frogs).

You can almost always find something similar to what you want/like for free, which you can then alter as desired.

Final advice, if you can’t find something similair and you REALLY like the pattern, buy it. Not only will you have said pattern, but you will then have a reference to work from for making alterations and/or incorrporating elements from that pattern that you like so much into other FOs in the future.

Another thing I’d suggest is to download a free pattern you like to your computer and maybe a memory stick. I had one free pattern I only bookmarked. The designer decided to offer it for sale and deleted the free copy when I was halfway finished with it. Also, computers do crash. It would be a shame to lose patterns you love. This is why Ravelry is great. You can save the patterns you like in your online library so you don’t have to spend time looking for them.

Another good place to find some free patterns is at your local public library. My library has tons of knitting books.

I never thought about looking in the local library for patterns, and i have one a couple of blocks from my house!! thanks for that tip!

And if your library doesn’t have exactly the book you need, you may be able to interlibrary loan it, aka get it from another library through your own.

I do this mainly to see if I like the book. If I use it a lot throughout the time I have it, I’ll buy it. If not, then I didn’t waste any money on a book I’ll never use.

Further to finding knitting books in the library, I have found knitting books and patterns in thrift stores and charity shops - and they’re not all dog-eared and ancient!