Is it too late

to change my cardigan. this is the pattern

It turned out perfect EXCEPT the darn buttonband. It says to pick up the stitches on each side separately and then sew it up at the back of the neck. Along the buttonband they have me doing 7rows of seed stitch then along the collar and neck doing 4 rows. I kept taking it out because I did not like the look of the transition. Then I just did 6 rows of seed stitch on each side and sewed it tog at the back of the neck. The problem is my buttonholes are not equally placed. I don’t know how that happened, I was so careful, measuring over and over. Since I now have experience cutting my sweater and ripping back this should be no problem. Well, since there is a lace pattern at the collar I had to put the 58sts on a holder and pick these up as I was picking up along the front. I can’t tell where to put the destination row in the lace! I could easily cut the band off and start over but what about the sts that where on the holder. That is what is giving me a hard time. I sewed the ends in so good that I can’t even get it undone. I tried to back track the little tail but I have just split the yarn and gotten nowhere. :wall: If I just cut the band and pick it off will I lose the 58sts from the lace or will I be able to grab them at that time? :shrug:

My guess is that you’ll be able to pick them up when you rip back…that’d be my hope, at least!

I dont really think I can rip it back because I have to cut the seam where I sewed up at the back of the neck, therefore I will be cutting some of the side rows. Will it still unravel?

Yeah, it’ll still rip, but just not in one piece.You’ll rip a row, and then have another loose end to start on the next row. When you get to the last one you’re ripping, just have your needle handy and stick it in each loop of your lace pattern as you rip each stitch.

Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I will start tomorrow. I am nervous about the 58sts the rest dont matter.

Thank you, thank you, I did it! :happydance: It took me 3 hours but I got all the lace stitches back on the holders. :cheering: The first side did not go to smoothly but the second was a lot easier. This is the second sweater I cut in two weeks. I think next time I wont be so nervous to cut. If I would just do it right the first time I wouldn’t have to cut it and fix it. :oops: Ok, so this time I think I will count stitches inbetween the buttonholes. Do you think that would be a good idea since I suck at measuring. :oops: I did the elastic trick the first time, where you put marks on a sewing elastic, then stretched it and put the pins where the marks were. Then I measured it, so don’t know how they did not turn out spaced correctly. Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.