Is it the material or the pattern?

I wanted to knit a bath scrunchy for my 1 year old because my scrunchy is too big. I ended up knitting a little fingers hat instead which I like. My only problem is that it doesn’t foam up the soap as well as the scrunchy does. Is it because I knitted with cotton or is it because of the shape? Or both?


I think it’s just the cotton… I wouldn’t imagine it being particuarly foamy… hmm… :thinking:

there was a Bath poof at knitty a while back that used 100% nylon, which I want to say is what the commercial poofs are made out of… maybe something like that would work better?

Tamar–you’re so beautiful!! I hope you’re safe wherever you are…and it’s lovely that you can think about knitting and home things while there is so much strife in your part of the world. I’m with you in spirit!!!

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for your encouraging words.

I live in the centre of Israel where life just goes on as normal. So, I’m making the most of it while I can.

I’m going into town this morning, though my husband says that it’s risky. But I must get some groceries and things for my daughter. I can’t live like a prisoner.

Thanks guys. I thought the cotton was probably not suitable.