Is it possible to

knit an item, sew it on to another knitted item, and then felt them together?

I’m trying to avoid the duplicate stitch because trying to do it on black is killing me…

Or could I felt them separately and then sew them together?

I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. Just use wool to sew it together so the seam will felt more firmly.

thank you. I was thinking it would be ok, but worry I’ll hate it then…sigh decisions decisions.!! If all else fails I suppose I could cut it out and make a window there, huh? :wink:

Seriously, you could do the needlefelting. I’ve never tried it but it looks fairly simple, kinda like coloring in the lines.

yeah, I thought that too…I was going to take my frustration out on this poor yarn and see if I could beat it up to take form…:slight_smile:

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee: Oh, I’m sure you can do it! :thumbsup:

thanks! We’ll see!