Is it possible to increase in seed stitch when knitting a circle?


I’m knitting a circle and am searching for ways to create, as I increase, an edge that won’t roll. I’m using partially acrylic yarn and could simply kill it when I’m finished, but I thought I’d like to try seed stitch for several rows as a border (don’t really want ribbing). Before I muck it up entirely, I decided to ask for advice.

I’m using KFB, K(x) as an increase on alternating rows, going up by one number each time, increasing each alternate round by 9 stitches. (So far, plain knitting on the other rows). My brain is not helping me calculate how to use seed stitch in this context, or even whether it will work.

Thanks in advance for your help!

*** Update - I’m still interested in the answer to this question for future, more detailed patterns where the stitch pattern is obvious; however, I started playing around with it, and I’m thinking that if I stick to knitting the purls and purling the knits and fudging on the increases, it will work, functionally. Just curious about a “correct” way to do this.)

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Techknitter has some suggestions and a neat way to increase. It’s at least an alternative for you.

Thank you so much!