Is it possible to duplicate this by knitting

If so, I’d appreciate suggestions for patterns…fairly new at this so I can’t figure it out for myself! lol Thanks :slight_smile:

the scarf or the photo??? Photo knitting might be neat…

:frowning: I can’t see the photo :frowning: just the red x

Try right clicking on the red x and choose ‘view image’, that’s how I got it to come up.

I can’t help but think you might get some help from the book ‘Knitting Over the Edge’. Not for a pattern, per se, but techniques on how to make a side fringe by dropped entire rows of stitches…check it out if you’re able, sorry I don’t actually have the book (only borrowed it from the library) so can’t be more specific. :thinking:

I couldn’t either. :thinking:
If you right-click the x and choose ‘properties’ it will give you the URL of the pic. Copy and paste it into the address bar and you’ll get to see it.

You could duplicate it pretty closely. Cast on whatever number of stitches you’d need to make it about 8 inches or so wide. You would need to change colors every row or two rows, and leave tails at the beginning and end of the rows. Don’t carry colors up the side, just cut with every color change. At the end, trim all the tails the same length to become the fringe. I would keep a couple of stitches on the edge in garter stitch or it will curl up if you knit stockinette.

Looking more closely, you would also need to twist 2 different color yarn tails together to make that fringe. I’d use wool because it would stick together better.

Or you could use yarn like this:

or this

Something like that. :wink: