Is it possible to decrease the length of a completed hat?

I knitted a simple stockinette hat for DH but it’s about an inch too long. :doh: I had to add in a second skein about 7 rows (or 3/4") before starting the decreases for the crown. Would it be a bad idea to pull it out starting there and work down (toward the brim)? I worked the hat on a size 7 circular and I also have a size 4. I was thinking of picking up both halves on the separate needles. I’m not sure what would be the best way to join the two halves together. :??

I don’t want to have to undo all the decreases but I will if that’s the only way.

Thanks in advance!

You mean that you want to take out a section of the knitting? I think that it would be easier just to reknit the top. :thinking: You could try, I guess, and graft them with Kitchner Stitch, but I don’t think I’d attempt it.

Thanks for the advice. I wanted to give the Kitchner Stitch a try so I watched Amy’s video but thought maybe this wasn’t the project for me to learn on. I ended up reknitting the top and it turned out great. :cheering:

Here’s Stan-The-Man modelling his daddy’s hat. (It fits DH much better!) :wink:

Snazzy!! :roflhard:

The cat looks absolutely thrilled. :rofling:

The hat, however, turned out great!

I woke him up from his nap to take the pictures. He’s actually very good about “wearing” things.

That’s a good candidate for Stuff On My Cat!

We play that all the time. Stan’s really good about it. He makes a great bookmark and is good at carrying small bits of laundry to the bathroom where the hamper is (also where one of his food bowls are but I like to believe he knows where to take the laundry). :roflhard: Our other kitty, Miss Sylvia, does not like to play Stuff On My Cat, though I’m working on it. I got her to carry a sock the other day. I have yet to submit any photos to the web site.