Is it possible to add rows in to a striped scarf after you have passed the section?

I am working on a Watson (from the Sherlock Holmes movies) inspired stripped scarf for a friend and recently realized that somehow early on in the scarf I missed one of the light grey rows and went straight on to the brown from the blue. Is there any way to back add those rows? I am almost finished with the scarf and it would be such a bummer to redo all my work.

Any tips on a way to fix this or am I better off leaving it to be quirky?


You could carefully cut a stitch or take out the end where you changed colors, put the stitches on a needle and knit the gray yarn, then graft those sts with the brown stitches.

Hi and welcome! This is a tutorial for the method Sue mentioned. You’d need to catch both sides with needles or use a holder for one side until you’re ready to graft the sts together.
For this mistake, I’d go with quirky and leave it as is. Only a Sherlock will notice the difference.