Is it possible to add lace edging to a finished blanket?

I would like to add a knit border to a finished baby afghan, and I am having difficulty. First I tried picking up stitches all around the blanket and knit two rounds. Then I tried knitting a pattern, but it didn’t work because I was knitting in the round with a flat knit pattern.

Then I thought perhaps I could add a piece of flat lace to the blanket, but I cannot figure out how to attach it as I knit the lace.

How do I knit a flat lace border on a finished object when there are no live stitches. Do I slip a stitch and then pick up a stitch and pass the slip stitch over the one I just picked up?

I hope someone has experience with this and can help me or can direct me to some online help or patterns.


I believe there is a video on this site that shows how to pick up cast-off stitches. I would start there.

Typically, picking up the stitches is the way this would be done. But, you could also knit a lace edging (or some other kind of edging) separately, and seam it to the blanket if you wanted to.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Picking up stitches is not a problem. The problem is figuring out a way to knit the lace in the round. Most lace borders that I have found are knit side to side not top to bottom and the ones I’ve found are no knit in the round. Can you advise me on that?

I know that I could knit it separately and add the border to the blanket, but I would like to knit it directly to the blanket.

Any other ideas?

I guess what’s confusing me, is I don’t understand what you mean by knitting in the round, since when I think of knitting in the round, I think of knitting a tube, not a flat piece like a blanket…

Is there a pattern link or at least a photo out there you could show us? Or if you designed it yourself, any way you could post a pic?

Hey Nancy!

I was thinking about your blanket border and I don’t know if I have a satisfactory answer for you or not - to find a knit in the round lace pattern, I googled circular shawl patterns and found one with a lacy border like this one. It is knit in the round and I do not see a reason why you couldn’t add it.

The only problem I see is the fact that you want to add something round to something presumable square or rectangular. And, I am afraid that it won’t lay flat when you are done.

I think the easier thing would be to add each side one at a time and then just seam up the little section where they two new sides meet. I think most people crochet borders on to blankets so they don’t have this issue! :slight_smile: Good luck!!

:doh: OK, now I understand what you mean by knitting in the round.

I would think you could pick out a pattern you liked and convert it for working in the round. Here’s an article on how to do it: