Is it normal? Purling

Is it normal for purling to make your left hand’s thumb muscle ache? I’m doing a row of 50 stitches and man I feel it afterwards. It cramps up.

This doesn’t happen to me at all. Without knowing whether you throw or pick, it’s tough to figure out what’s going on. My first guess is that you might be holding the needle too tightly in your left hand, but can you tell us what your thumb is doing as you purl?

My hands used to cramp like that, but dont anymore, since Ive built up my knitting muscles! My hands are RIPPED, BRO! :mad: <— “flexing face”

:roflhard: OMG, Kelly, that comment had me seriously rolling. LOL

I find my hands are much more stressed out when I purl with large needles than with small (I’m purling Continental). I recently did a project on size 17 needles, and I really felt it in my hands!! Knitting was fine, it was the purling that really did me in.

Sorry, I meant to say that I am a Continental knitter. I haven’t purled in a LONG long time, and I just started to agian, so my muscle in my thumb starts to tell me I’m using it after about the 45th stitch. I’m using size 8 bamboo needles. And I’ve only been knitting for a year. So for about half that year I haven’t bee purling.

And using bigger needles I definitely feel it! … I think I need some of those hand flex balls so I can show off like Kelly! :rofling:

KK…you’re crackin up! :shock: Are you off your meds again?

Our dearest humble, I suspect then your thumb will get used to the purl work out. Take a break every couple sts and do a hand wiggle. You’ll be fine!

Don’t let this stop you from purling…purling is wonderful. Think of all the things purling makes possible:
seed st
moss st
bobble st…and more!

:oo: :hiding: :shifty:

Thought so!

Oh yes, I’m definitely not stopping the purling! I LOVE the moss stitch and I someday wish to knit Kyoto from…and then I am in love with cables too (I’m going to start practicing those after my next four projects)…I spy Rogue from on the horizon :slight_smile: :happydance:

I really think I may just need a hand workout hehe. I just wanted to know if it was common or if I had exceptionally weak hands :shock:

Lol! I think Kelly’s off her rocker for sure! :roflhard:

No doubt about it!

See? That’s what the neck is for! Making purling a breeeezzzeee… :wink:

I’d need to see how that works, Totalee. Cause If I’d be holding the yarn and the needles the same way, I don’t see how it would work. I am very open minded to try new things though :slight_smile:


Actually, I’ll try to take some pics to show you guys my crazy method… :lol: :lol:

i get more achy when i purl with big needles… ooo, i’m like Amy, i’m like Amy!!!
so KK, you got six packs on those phalanges? :wink: :roflhard:

:mad: [size=6]BEEFCAAAAAKE!!![/size] :mad:

:roflhard: :roflhard: Mom! I WANT MAH CHEESY POOFS!

hehehe KK you is too funny