Is it me or the pattern?

So, I started a scarf for a friend who’s birthday is in two weeks.
It’s this one
Now, the lace pattern didn’t looked too difficult, but I can’t get it to work!

I’ve knitted happily untill the end of row 3 when I was a stitch short. I thought, I might lost a stitch or forgot an increase :?? , but somehow I doubted it and decided to test the pattern with a yarn where I can see the pattern better.
Well, there still was a stitch issing after row 3 and the YO where in the wrong place.

So, do you think it’s me or the pattern? And if it’s the pattern, have you seen a similare one elsewhere? I really need to start this project soon if I want to give it away.

Are you following the numbers that are under the pattern? You apparently don’t go straight across over and over again.

Yes, I noticed that. I did the test piece only with one repeat, so once across the whole chart. The problem seems to be, that the first row requires 25 stitches(one repeat!), but you would need 26 stitches in row 3.
I think I’m going to mail them and ask.

I think that’s a good idea. I think you’d have to be actually doing it in order to be able to tell what’s going on. Good luck!