Is it just me?

Yep, make the sweater bigger or choose a model with smaller “hoohoos”.

Besides all the sweaters I’ve been seeing this season are not fitted at all. They seem to be longer and loose.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many people actually make that pattern? Not me, even if I could knit a sweater…:hair:

Part of the problem guys is that half the time we don’t know you are a guy! Clever nicknames make it super hard to guess sometimes. I’ve even thought some women were men. :doh:

Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the size. I’m well aware that tight clothing is in, but if you’re trying to sell a classic fair isle sweater it doesn’t make sense.

It’s also listed as a jacket. How could you wear anything under it. The shoulder shaping seems off. Maybe she’s holding her arms that way so it hides the fit.

I confuse the issue further when I KIPK (Knit In Public Kilted).

There is a big difference is a well designed and make tightly fitted sweater and one that is too small.

As a GUY if I see a woman in a well designed, well fitted sweater I enjoy the view, If the sweater is too small I wonder what is wrong with her that she has to advertise in that manner.

I’ve thought for quite some time that young women seem to be wearing their little sisters’ clothing-and just look at what the tv stars wear–very tight. not a happy trend,but at least the hiphugger-crop top phase seems to be gone!! linknit41


As a more curvy gal, I could NEVER wear those super-small tees and sweaters… I mean the ‘girls’ would suffocate. PLUS - I don’t want to look as though I’m dressed up as a sausage in casing for Halloween.

It sure does look too small - and the model doesn’t look big. So why was it knit so small - or why wouldn’t Knitpicks try to find someone who it fit?! I don’t get it.


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Jan, do you picture Chris (cacunn) as a “speak-no-evil, tropical tree frog?” :roflhard:

Chris, any plans to put a kilt on your avatar?

Hey, I use “Jack” here because having a John in a [S]room[/S] thread full of women could lead to negative impressions for all involved. :roflhard:

Okay, I admit I am not a white haired wizard from middle earth, but I hope it does communicates my interest in LOTR. When I found KH, it was Amy’s videos that caught my attention. They are very helpful for me when I wish to learn a new knit stitch or technique. In the one for the knit stitch, she recites a rhyme that finishes the stitch as “off jumps jack.” Now I’m learning more about knitting and am now working a two handed fair isle UFO. I am a visual learner, so I thought I’d post my agreement with the opening of this thread.

Back to the topic:

The sweater is flattening and not flattering. So the sweater either needed to be made larger or with more shaping. Perhaps it was intended for a pre-teen. It is not as visually pleasing as it should be.

I guess I’m learning more about fitting garments, too. :think: This current discussion reminded me of the October 16, 2008 Luann comic strip [B][U][/U][/B] It is a continuation of a dialog that begins on Monday October 13.

And Luann and Gunther make my final point. The sweater should be made to fit properly. Perhaps the sweater was fitted for another person; KP should have sought a model with measurements closer to that of the sweater or had the sample sweater re-made to fit the model. As it is, it might lead their customers to think the pattern can’t be shapped. At the least it needed more ease, especially as a Jacket.


Honestly, the woman herself should know better. Yes, tighter-fits are “in” amongst some groups, but you just can’t do a tight fit with buttons because of the gaps. Really.

Hahah! :lol: No, when the signature doesn’t say I do tend think ‘female’ because the majority of knitters that I’m aware of are female. Sometimes someones name leads me to think ‘male’ when it’s not so it’s always a guess unless they say in their signature. :wink:

Apparently - the statement that “real men wear kilts nad the best of those knit their own hose” needs to be beefed up.

:noway: Uhh… I didn’t see that! Sorry about that! Need to get my eyes checked. :doh:

ROFL to all of the above conversation. :teehee:

And back to the original topic, the sweater does look too small. :smiley:

Too small!