Is it just me?

Or is this sweater too small for the model? If you want to show off a nice sweater shouldn’t you show it in the correct size? It’s pulling across the bust and causing some gaping between the buttons and it’s pulling on the shoulder seam at the front. The arms also look too short. They maybe are supposed to be 3/4, but they just look too short. :??

Have to agree, it does look too small. As though if she moved at all, everything would ride upwards - strange!

Way to small… her ‘girls’ are pulling at the sweater - they should have found a ‘smaller’ model, made a larger sweater, or left the darn thing unbuttoned.

Designers need to know that they need shapping for women in the ‘girl’ area - you can have a small women with larger ‘girls’. We aren’t men.

Yup, I agree … too small. Looks weird!

Definitely too small.

I think the way she is standing with her elbows pointing back and her girls pushing out adds a lot to that effect.

I looked at that the other day and thought the same thing
Waaaaaaaaaaay to tight :eyes: not for me.

Yep, “June is busting out all over”, LOL! This is like a bizarro sweater or something. It honestly looks to me like one that would have something worn underneath it…and ain’t nothing gonna fit under that one!!!

The picture definitely does nothing for the sweater…IMHO it makes it look like something a person wouldn’t even want to try to make 'cause it’s so odd looking.

I thought the same thing.

It looks to me as if it were knit for Twiggy and a really woman showed for the photo. It also appears that she has her shoulders pulled back making the matter even more extreme.

Yup, too small! Perhaps Twiggy knit the thing and then could not model it that day and the woman with the girls showed up instead. This is NOT flattering to the woman or the pattern IMHO.

Hi, Jan:waving:

This is NOT a sweater I’d want to make, based solely on the picture! The pattern is actually pretty, but holey moley does it lose it’s pizzazz on the too-small model!

No matter what the size of the wearer, clothes that are perfectly fitted are very beautiful and enhance the appeal of the wearer.

I wonder if the photographer was telling her “Don’t breath 'til I get this shot” ? :roflhard:


You and I, and all the other posters in this thread, may agree that the sweater is too small for the model. But, unfortunately, that seems to be the way far too many young women dress these days. I can’t leave my house without seeing young (and some not so young) women who look as if their clothes are painted on. Looks tacky to me, but I guess they like it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would think that the design of that sweater would lend itself to being bigger and more comfy. I, personally, think it’s too small. I know designers are making super-tight garments now-a-days, but this kind of sweater (Mr. Roger’s meets fair isle) is either just a poor fit or a poor design.

Ditto to all of the above - waaay tooooo small.

'nough said.


Excuuuusssee Me? :waving:

:aww: My appologies for missing your post, Chris. I blame it on skimming to quickly through the comments.

I was just going for the humor…

and missed.

agreed! but, the world doesn’t need smaller models. it needs larger knitwear! LOL! :slight_smile:


So was my response.

Us guys get accused of being only interested in “the girls” and when we try to be serious we get accused of being only interested in “the girls.” Well just for that “viva la girls” :flirt: