Is it just me...or is this forum slow as molasses

It’s about to drive me insane. I closed and reopened my browser hoping that would help, but all it did was mark everything read so I don’t have a clue what I’ve seen and haven’t besides it’s being slow. ARrrrrrggggh! I need my KH fix!! :shock: :frowning:

it isn’t just you! I thought it was just me :rofling:


Yes… it … is … slower … than … usual … today! … :lol:

Working splendid over here, but I’m posting later in the day, and I use Firefox on Windows (In case Amy is watching :wink: )

seems better again

I was having some problems earlier but I thought it was just my net, I even closed firefox to see if that was it, but no luck, hehe. Glad it’s doing better now though.

I had some wonkiness yesterday :?? I think it was my internet connection, though

I use firefox too. I took it as mu cue to drive home from work :happydance:

I use Netscape. No problems with the exception of photos being slow to load occasionally.

I have memory issues with my pooter, so I usually ignore it when I have slow to load pages. I have found that rebooting often helps my speed though.

I use Firefox, but it’s not a browser issue. Anyway it’s better now! :cheering: :cheering:

lol don’t worry Jan…i was here too and noticed it! :wink: