Is it just me, or is there a mistake in this pattern?

Hi again folks. :slight_smile: Here I am again with this darn pattern I can’t seem to get!
I’m working on a Katia Pattern (book 48, #34) and i can’t even seem to do the gauge swatch!

The swatch should end up 4x4, but every pattern row i end up with one less stitch. Looking at the pattern, it seems that the pattern decreases 1 each pattern row, but i’m pretty new at this and can’t be sure.

Here is what it says:
With smaller needles in combination of Stockinette stitch, Dropped Stitch and Double Decrease: 15 sts and 20 row = 4x4”
Cast on 19 sts and work size A to the second *, [18 sts rem.], continue in established pattern for 4”

DIRECTIONS for A (to do gauge swatch)

  •   k6
  • p1, yo, work 1 Double Decrease (see below), yo, p1, k2, work 1 Dropped Stitch (see below), k2

There is a note in the pattern that also says: - On all reverse-side rows, work sts as they appear except for the DROPPED STITCH which is worked as Garter St. Next Row


  • Slip 2 sts tog as if to knit them
  • k1, Pass slipped sts over knitted st


  • k2 tog, yo, slip 1, k1, PSSO
  • On the next row knit the YO and on all following rows, work this st in Garter st

thanks for your time!


Haven’t worked out the st pattern for your sweater but wanted to offer FYI. I recently used a Katia sweater pattern for basis for one I made. There were several errors…the first in the first row of the pattern! Were it not for the picture, and my having some skills as a knitter, AND comparing the Eng to the Spanish text (which I didn’t fully understand but could get the gist of), I’d never have fig’d out some of the gaffes.

Good luck,


Wow, thanks cam. That has me worried because i’ve added and subtracted a million times and i am almost sure it is wrong. I don’t have the slightest idea of how to fix it either! I guess it might be time to hunt for a new pattern for my pinta print. :frowning:

Hi Kerry,

You’re right! After looking at the pattern as you wrote it, you start off with 19 stitches and end up with 18 after the first row.

Do you have a picture of this stitch? We might be able to figure it out if we knew how it was suppoed to look.

Thanks for doing the math mary :smiley:
I am glad to know i am not that crazy.

I don’t have a picture of the stitch…i have a picture of the finished sweater, but i’m not really sure that is close-up enough to determine the pattern.
Just for kicks i’ll scan that puppy when i get home from work tonight and post it. it really is a pretty finished product!

Hi again,
Welp, here are the pictures. I’m thinking it isn’t clear enough for anyone to be able to determine the pattern though :frowning:

i’ve contacted katia as well and i’m hoping they’ll have some pattern corrections!

thanks :wink: