Is it just me, or are a lot of knitters also "cat people"?

I’ve been a crazy cat lady for years, but a knitter for only a few months. It seems to me that most of the other knitters I run across are also cat people. Wonder what the corelation is?

Sound off “Cat People”!

:hmm: - Hmmm, wonder why there isn’t a smiley spitting out a cat hair?

Probably because our felines are so adored and well cared for they don’t get hairballs!!! =-D

I love my 3 fur babies. I just figure, some people have kids. I have cats. Education is cheaper, too.


My babies are Toisie and Paolo.
both beautiful cats


Sorry, I’m ALL DOG!!!:whistle:

That’s ok, Ginny!! You don’t have to apologize! I love dogs too, I just happen to not be owned by one at this time! Is that your puppy? Precious!!

Chel - I onced worked for a vet and when a client would comment about the high cost, I would always remind them, “at least you don’t have to send him/her to college”! :lol:

I’m a cat person, we had a great thread about our cats and every one posted photos and stories of their kitties. My cat is called Buffy, and she’s the 2nd love of my life. (1st been hubby!)

Nobones - I’ll have to look for that - I love all things “kitty”!

We have 9 housecats - yes, I’m a crazy cat lady and I have a crazy cat husband. We’ve been discussing becoming a no-kill shelter (which we essentially are).

I don’t think it’s specifically knitting and cats. I do a lot of quilting and some other needlecrafts as well and it seems that most of the people I know have at least one cat. Some also have a dog as a family member. I just think those of us with a creative bent need to share our love with animals that love us back. We have three cats and two of them are laying on items I’ve created right now. Pretty sight.

Me too!!! (But I used to have cats when I wasn’t allergic to them)!

I think basically knitters (anyone who appreciates the work of their hands and fruits of their labor) are good-hearted, loving people. What’s more fun to love than a furball wagging tail?!? (Flicking tail in case of cats). :slight_smile:

LOL! That’s what I tell myself about not having children! My pups ARE my children!

Don’t you know that all cats :heart::heart::heart: yarn?
Its the perfect setup for them~ and servitude for us~!:rofl:

I love cats, they just seem…different…than dogs, I don’t know. They love knitting, most of the time, too.

Dogs do too, it reminds them of a tennis ball (balled up) or a soft squeaky toy (skein)…I am FOREVER trying to get my yarn out of Peanut’s mouth…hence the avatar!

Mmmmmmmmm… nice yummy yarn~!:inlove::inlove::inlove:

Yep, I’ve been a cat person all my life. A knitter only recently. My cat does take an interest in my knitting too, it’s rather cute. She is a very weird cat- long story there, the best I can say about her is as a pet she is not very satsifactory. My best and beutiful snuggler cat died a month or so before I learned to knit…I wish I had been knitting when he was around to see if he would have taken an interest. He used to like to stop me from reading.

We’re cat people, dog people and other pets as well…:hug:

I think it’s just a certain personality type. I’ve noticed, in life, that most “dog people” are a little less patient and more high energy, while “cat people” are generally a little more mellow, which would allow for the patience and commitment needed for knitting :D.

That said, I’m a cat person and have little patience :D.

I have a cat and 2 dogs. But I should say is my DH has a cat and I have a dog and my DD has a dog.

The cat will not have any think to do with me unless she needs water or food, or her butt rub.:teehee:
I grow up with dogs, So I am more of a dog person, My DH grow up cats.

We set on a couch to watch tv, The cat (shamu) Will JUMP over to the back of the couch, (where I am setting) walk over me to get to DH. when she jumps, I don 't see her, so when she land, it scare me to death.:oo:

we are equal opportunity animal lovers here. as a kid I had a cat, a bird, a gerbil, fish, and co-owned a bunny. my DH always had dogs and cats growing up. Now we have 2 basset hounds, 1 cat, a pile of guppies (did I tell you those guppies won’t stop having babies?!). (and a kid)

Not a single pet will tolerate any sweaters, hand made collars, or anything. ingrates!! :slight_smile: but they don’t bother the knitting either, so that’s ok. The cat likes to stalk the yarn when I’m knitting, or “hatch” the ball of yarn laying next to me. the dogs couldn’t care less. if it isn’t food, they aren’t moving off their pillow on the floor…