Is it best to cast on in pattern

I watched a Nancy Wynn video which was very good. She said it was better to cast on in pattern when doing a rib (k1p1) hem.

But I think she said to cast on k2p2 even for a k1p1 rib. My inclination would be to cast on k1p1 so they match up.
Up to now I’ve always long-tail knit my cast ons.

Maybe one of these?

She does mention doing this cast on for seed stitch or k1p1 but by that she means the knit stitch and purl stitch long tail cast on not necessarily k2p2 long tail for any rib or stitch pattern. Yes, it makes more sense to cast on as k1p1 using this method if that is your rib pattern.

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Thank you. I feel better about it :blush: