Is Herrschners just really slow?

I placed an order last Monday 4/3/06 and on the website it still shows my order as “processing”. This is my first order with them, are they always this slow?

I’ve placed a few orders with Herschnerr’s in Canada, and they’ve always been insanely fast, to the point where I’m starting to wonder if they’re camping outside my house with yarn, ready to run up and stick it in my mailbox…wouldn’t that be great…erm…now you know my yarn fantasy… :blush:

I’ve had good luck with them, not insanely fast, but sometimes if they’re backordered on something, they don’t let you know.

I sent them an e-mail this morning to check on it. If my items (rosewood circulars) are backordered, I want to know so I can order them somewhere else. I placed an order with on 3/31 and received that stuff last Thursday. Maybe I just need some more patience… :thinking:

I always thought there should be a chute where my stuff comes out immediately, so I can’t really help you with patience. :rollseyes:

I ordered a book of little girl dresses from Herschnerr’s and it kept saying processing and then it showed up in my mailbox with processing was still showing…Joanns is faster though and when my 7s from Joanns got here only one was in the pkg lol I got it like on Wed called them and boom by Friday I had a new set of 7 DPNs… :happydance:

I’ve gotten the ‘processing’ on several orders from several places online & it still reads ‘processing’ when I receive it, too

Looks like you were right Rebecca. This is the response I got from Herrschners:

“Thank you for your inquiry. Most orders reach their destination 8-10 business days after shipping occurs. Busier mailing times may cause these additional delays. Please feel free to contact us 10 business days from the shipping date and we will be able to reship your order priority delivery, at no additional charge to you. The order was shipped on 4-3-06.”

So maybe I’ll have it when I get home this afternoon!!!