Is gauge swatch included in materials?

OK this might seem silly but I wanted to get this straight since I’d like to start knitting some “appera”. When you are given the materials you need (6 balls of this or 4 balls of that) are they including the yarn it will take to make the swatch as well? I want to make sure I have enough yarn for the swatch AND the material for the shirt or whatever I decide to knit.

Thanks for clearing this up for me!


Are you supposed to use the gauge swatch after you’ve gotten it to the right size? Or do you just stash it and use it for a big blanet or something goofy? Hmmmm…

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that question asked before. I believe patterns have leeway in them for yarn amounts. They never say 6 1/2 balls, or 8 2/3. They can’t give exact measurements because everyone’s tension is so different, so I suspect they round ‘up.’

I reuse the yarn I make into swatches. I guess if you wash it, that might not be yarn you’d want to knit with, but could use for seaming. Some people save all their swatches and keep a journal of the yarn and needles so they have it for future reference. I’m not that organized. :teehee:

That’s a great question. I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. I usually end up with yarn left over from projects, but sometimes it’s not much. I think it never hurts to buy an extra ball of yarn – that way you know you’ll have enough for the swatch!

I’ve come across some really neat shirts and stuff I’d like to start knitting for myself maybe after I get all these christmas presents knitted up. I LOVE the coresette-T that they had on Knitty gritty not long ago and I found 3 warm jacket’s/button up kinda things in a book my mom got which I think would be great for me. They are listed for beginner/intermediate (because of seaming I believe) and I’m still trying to get up the courage to make it.

After my christmas presents! I have 2 more booga bags and 1 more princess hat and I’ll be good for christmas stuff (Unless I find some other great gift to give).

LOL. Now if my hubby’s family would grow up and behave, I could just knit and knit and knit!