Is flickr the only

:slight_smile: photo posting site that you can use here to post photos???


i use
they have an option that allows you to rezise your pics to standard posting sizing on upload that I really like.

Thanks… that is good to know. I know that ravelry only uses the flickr site… and I was just using it… to download photos here too… but, I don’t have much photo memory in the flickr site either…

So, it’s nice to know that I have another option that will work here.

I was using both until I splurged and purchased the unlimited space deal on Flickr. For $24.95, you get unlimited plus some extra perks. It’s good for a year. Without it, you’re limited to 200 pictures per month, which sounds like a lot, but it’s not if you do any blogging. That’s what happened to me. Between that and Ravelry, I quickly used up my allotment.