Is crocheting similar to knitting?

I have a pattern for a beeeuuuutiful skirt in the vogue knitting magazine and it calls for crocheting on the bottom of the skirt, the trim if you will. I have no clue how to crochet as I am just getting the hang of knitting!

Thought I’d inquire to the higher powers :smiley: :notworthy:

I love the way that crochet looks, and I know a few of the stitches.

My problem is that crochet causes a lot of pain in my right wrist, because of all the twisting. So, I can’t crochet that much.

I stick to just knitting, and if I have a large section of crochet in the pattern, I’ll find a crocheting friend to do that part for me.

It’s different, but not really difficult at all. It’s still pulling loops through loops.

I’ve been knitting a little over a year ( :heart: it) and just learned to crochet a couple months ago.

IMO, crocheting is easier to learn while knitting is more relaxing.

Here is a website that might help you learn the stitches you need.

I’m glad that I know how to do both now. :happydance:

Thanks 1to1, I’ll check out that website. :smiley:

I learned to knit first, and now I’m attempting to learn to crochet.

The main part I’m having difficulty with is that, instead of the stitches being on a holder (the knitting needles), you just jab the crochet hook into seemingly random places of the work and start making stitches.

I mean, it’s not random at all, but when I’m watching someone do it, it looks that way. :smiley:

When you learn to knit, you don’t really have to understand where the stitches start and end and all that. But with crochet it seems you do.

i think this is so funny, because i’ve been wondering about crocheting lately… (& thought i was the only one). i really like a lot of the edging & some of the open work in crochet.

my bf’s mom is a crocheter… i asked her to show me… she gave me the rundown of the single, the double, the half something or other & the triple (eww is all i can say about that one) but since i wanted to learn granny squares (yeah notice i said wanted to, past tense)… we kinda went thru a crash course

so basically…i can make circles… but i havent figured out howta square em yet… i think it’s the trying to figure out where to stick the needle thats stumping me…

but it definitely didnt come as naturally to me as the knitting… but i think if i get stubborn enough about it… i’ll get it (eventually, i’m just not feelin stubborn about it, so if anyone wantsta dare me to do it… feel free… that’ll probably work) heheh


i think the most beneficial thing w/learning to crochet after having working knowledge w/knitting… is to have someone show you… cause reading it was like reading hyroglyphics… wasnt happening

good luck! :thumbsup:

I mastered the granny square right before I started knitting now I have no desire to crochet anymore unless I am finishing a knitted piece I want to make a granny square afgan but I can’t get in the mood!!!

A few years ago mom got me started on an afghan but I didn’t like it… then last summer picked up knitting and really like it…

however I’m really digging this shrug

compared to this one

so either gonna try the knitted one but change it or have mom show me crochet again :lol:

gotta find a different yarn too my last knitting adventure with homespun left the homespun unrecognizable when done… but maybe crocheting with it would be easier :??

Hey doglover, are you talking about the skirt that is on the cover of the current Vogue magazine, the pink one? Are you going to make it (or maybe you’ve already started it???)? Wanna have a KAL?? I am dying to make that skirt - it’s so gorgeous!! What yarn are you thinking of?

It calls for Koigu KPM, but I’m thinking of substituting Knitpicks Palette…do you gals think that would be a good substitution??

I have done both for years but rotate between what I am really into at the time. I find that I can crochet extremely fast where as since I am an English knitter with a lot of movement, I knit slower, though I am getting faster. Watching Amy’s videos of continental knitting it looks more like crocheting to me and when I feel that I have the time to just practice on scrap yarn and not worry about a pattern etc. I am going to try Continental again maybe try just a seed stitch scarf or something.

I do think it is nice to be able to do both, I have noticed lately that my hands get tired on extremely small needles and extremely large…size 7 to 11 seems to be my comfort zone for knitting.

I’ve just ordered the Stitch n Bitch nation book “happy hooker” to try out crochet. I’ve read good things about this book - and you get a pattern to crochet a cowboy hat :shock:

I’ve been crocheting since my mom taught me when I was 5. I love it and think it’s really easy to learn and do but that’s just me.

Even though I do very little crocheting these days, I consider myslef a crocheter first, and a knitter second. I think that the two complement each other very well, but one can not replace the other. I love doing patterns that have an extensive amount of both in them, like the “Elegant Top” that I made. Which issue of VK is the skirt, and one what page is the pattern. I could take a look at it and see if it’s suitable for someone just learning to crochet. And for anyone that wants to learn to crochet, I’m always willing to help them.

Hi Nicole,

The VK issue is the current one (Spring/Summer). The skirt is the pink one on the cover and also on pg. 73, also here is a pic. I’ll definitely need your help when it comes to the crochet part, since I’ve never crocheted in my life!!

Hey doglover, are you talking about the skirt that is on the cover of the current Vogue magazine, the pink one? Are you going to make it (or maybe you’ve already started it???)? Wanna have a KAL?? I am dying to make that skirt - it’s so gorgeous!! What yarn are you thinking of?

It calls for Koigu KPM, but I’m thinking of substituting Knitpicks Palette…do you gals think that would be a good substitution??[/quote]

Yep, that’s the one. Isn’t it pretty?? :heart: :heart: God only knows how I’ll look in it but I want to give it a try. Nope, I haven’t started it, I have no idea when I will either. I probably should soon since summer is just around the corner, but I’m such a beginner it’ll take me a bit longer than most knitters so you may want to start without me!! :lol:

Actually I had forgotten about it since I was planning on starting my mothers afghan for Christmas :blush: But now you’ve stirred up my curiosity so maybe I will get some yarn this weekend. I have no clue as to what to use as a substitute. Let me know what you decide to use and I’ll try and get it.

I’ve got the pattern here in front of me now… I actually found the magazine where I thought it was! :shock: The stitches are basic, but the instructions are a bit complex. If you are used to following a fairly complex repeat in knitting, this shouldn’t be a problem. Additionally, if you make a mistake, it won’t be hard to frog back since crocheting is one stitch at a time!!! You need to learn the ch, sc and dc. The instructions have you skipping stitches and doing multiple stitches in the same stitch. It sounds a lot more complex than it is. I would give it a try… if you have any problems with it, just holler!

Well, I’m a beginner too (started in Nov. '05), so we can muddle through together! I’m still sitting here with my Knitpicks order on the screen, deliberating whether or not to get the Palette yarn in Blush, Cream and White. I don’t know why I’m hesitating; guess I’m just a chicken little when it comes to ordering stuff online. :blush:

Oh my, you aren’t the only one. I’m a chicken when I go into the actual yarn store!! I have no idea what anything is! It is so intimidating for me since the last time I was in one, I asked for help with getting a substitute yarn for my first dog sweater (I didn’t want to spend 13.00/skein and I needed 4 or 5 :shock: ) and they looked at me and kinda laughed. Needless to say I crossed them off my knitting stores list. :frowning:

I too thought it seemed fairly doable, but also thought the directions were a bit scattered. I’ll have to read through it again.

Oooo, I’m getting a bit excited here!! :lol:

Oh believe me you’ll hear me holler alright!! :roflhard: :roflhard: