Is chat working or is it just me?

Every time I try and go the chat room I get this screen

Hmmm…tried to paste in the error message and it didn’t work.

Anyway, I get “page cannot be displayed” in the chat well.

Anybody know what’s going on?


I’ve never really tried the chat, but if it’s not working we can always all go hop on AOL or MSN or something.

It seemed to work for me! :thinking:

How come we never do the chat? It seems like it would be fun…

Have you ever chatted with a bunch of people in a chat room? It’s fun, but… INSANE! :roflhard: When a bunch of people are talking the screen can just scroll by so you have a heck of a time keeping track of what anyone is saying. A few people (3 or 4 usually) is a lot of fun though! :cheering:

I love chat rooms sometimes. I’m fairly good at multitasking, though. My dad is often impressed but no longer shocked to find me chatting, watching TV, and reading a book at the same time. I also frequently chat with people on AIM, watch a movie, listen to music, and play Nintendo at the same time. Someday I will overheat my brain and this will no longer work for me. :roflhard:

Well, I think we should all chat sometime! I don’t have AIM, so this is the next best thing I guess!