Is caron so soft bulky a resiliant yarn?

will i be able to wash it without having to worry about it falling apart? if so, i have (finally!) found my yarn to knit with. its a little shinier than i wanted, but its really really soft. that kind of fluffy makes the happiest blanket IMHO. i just want to be able to wash it. if it’s fragile or falls apart, im going with encore. much harsher to bare skin, but i know it’s a sturdy yarn.

You can wash it without it falling apart.

Nice choice in acrylic too. It’s great for making hats and scarves with for chemo patients and children :thumbsup:

Also lap blankets too…

its a blanket for my king sized bed. ill be knitting a while. ive knitted a swatch of that, and of the encore, and im looking for the bernat softee chunky to knit that up, and test them out to see which holds up the best and is the softest. im also going to put my findings in this thread, so it will be searchable.

adding encore chunky

My 2¢ {CAN} is that the Bernat Softee Chunky would wear a little better than the Caron Soft, but the Caron is softer than the Bernat. The Bernat will soften a bit when washed, but still won’t be as soft as Caron… the difference is really negligible IMO. I haven’t tried the Encore, so I can’t even give 2¢ on that, since 3¢ change would be expected back!

If I were to make an afghan out of one of those two, I’d go with the Bernat simply because I can get it cheaper and in a better colour selection.

Don’t dry it all the way or on too high of heat. --I washed a baby sweater made of Caron Simply Soft and some of the shine went away and it got a little fuzzy. Then again, I used a cheap appartment complex dryer that only knows one setting: fire hot! :doh: Your dryer will probably work fine. To be cautious, just check on it at times.

i love tidbits like this! no caron in hot dryer.

i worry about it fuzzing too.

why isnt there a thread like this for yarns and their different strengths and weaknesses? this info is GOLD people!

nicole fellow geek,

i looked at thedifferent colors for bernat and im happier with their selection and it looks matte rather than shiny so those are two pluses for this particular blanket. i went to two different places (a hobby lobby and a joanns) and neither stocked bernat softee chunky grrrrrr, so im still looking. and im still washing the caron chunky weight swatch to see how it holds up

To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s one of the yarns only available in Canada or not. I get it at WM or Zellers usually. I can’t remember if Mike’s carries it or not… the ones in Canada have a good selection of Bernat products, but I don’t shop there all that often. The Softee Chunky page has a link to “Where can I buy this yarn?” You can put in your zipcode, or request online sources.