Is blocking really necessary?

Is blocking really necessary?



… Any questions? :wink:

Excellent example, Rachel! :thumbsup:

wow that is amazing!

O_O whoa. That’s kind of awesome. I never really cared about blocking in the past, but… wow…

Guess who’s going to block everything she knits from now on? :teehee:

(beautiful shawl, by the way)

Great demonstration, Rachel! And what a beautiful work:heart:

I saw the question and was about to come in here to tell you “yes”! I see you already know. For lace, it is critical.

Well, not everything needs to be blocked, but for lace or some patterns, absolutely.

Wow! Amazing! What a difference!

Beautiful shawl! How did you block it? Looks like it might be a blanket on the floor? I’m curious because I’ve never tried to block anything that large. The commerical blocking boards I’ve seen aren’t big enough to block a shawl.

What a difference. That looks beautiful and I love the color.

Huge difference. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Rachel, that shawl is [I]gorgeous[/I]! And excellent example of what blocking can do for a piece. :slight_smile:

Oh wow! I don’t always bother to block my pieces, but what an amazing example. :thumbsup: Great job on that shawl! I love it! :heart:

Ummm…is the this shawl you knit after you JUST asked about knitting shawls? Like you started it and finished it already??? Good grief, girl!

Great job! It’s beautiful. I’m still trying to decide about a shawl.

However, I only just finished my first pair of socks and decided they would probably look better if I blocked them, too. :slight_smile:

lol Yeah this is my shawl. I, umm, REALLY get into stuff… hehe! Honestly, blocking socks does wonders too! I never thought it’d make a big deal, but I made some homemade sock blockers and it just makes my socks look SO MUCH BETTER, especially when they’re not on feet. Even the lacy ones look like socks when they’re not on! lol

Ok, I have really been battling with the idea of blocking my mom’s sweater. I am nearing the end of the second sleeve and I know that it would probably look better if I did it … Rachel, you have me convinced!:thumbsup:

It is beautiful… I love the colorway. Blocking does make things better… thank goodness my bed is king sized, I block my huge things on it, before I go for work… and turn on a small fan, when I return, 12 hrs or so later, it is beautifuly dried, and always looks better.

Thanks, Racheal and you do wonderful work!


[COLOR=Navy][I][SIZE=5]Oh Rachel…that shawl turned out gorgeous! I love the color and with your red hair…WOW! You really knit that fast…just beautiful![/SIZE][/I][/COLOR]

Rachel my friend, you sure are hooked on this stuff, and fast. What a bee-u-tiful scarf! When I first saw your title, I thought, she knows the answer to that question, and do you ever.

I made my mother a sweater once, crocheted actually, that kind of took on a life of it’s own after being blocked. Went from a pile of nice wool, to this amazingly beautiful sweater.