Is blocking necessary? How is it done?

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Guess what??? [COLOR=“Purple”][B]I finished my baby blanket![/B][/COLOR] But the baby’s not here yet, she’s still cooking (overdue). But now that her blankie is ready, I hope she’ll decide to come and get it soon :mrgreen: :yay: Then we’ll wrap her in the blanket, photograph her and make her into an avatar :heart:. Maybe she’s just camera shy?

My question is - what is this “blocking” I keep hearing about? Just washing and drying the item into shape? How imperative is it?

And - the middle of my blanket has some cables in it, so about 6 inches of the middle piece of the blanket are pulled in, making it not rectangular but rather hour-glass shaped :help: and I would very much like it to be rectangular. Can blocking change this?

Note: the yarn is 100% merino wool. (Will it stay soft and squishy and cuddly when it’s washed?)

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If it’s not superwash wool, it needs to be hand washed each time or it will felt with machine washing, and it should stay soft and cuddly. Yes you may want to block it to pull out the cables a bit. Here’s an article on how to -

Okay, that made sense. I realize I should definitely block now. But I don’t have one of those special boards it’s done with. Is there another way to do it, using some imagination and materials I have at home? Perhaps, sticking pins into styrofoam?

Any ideas? Thanks!!!

A few articles on knittingdaily re: blocking, with ideas if you want to improvise:


my favorite impromptu blocking board is the following:

a foam board used for presentations or science projects etc.
plastic wrap (used in the kitchen)

just get 2 or 3 full coats w/ the plastic and pin you pieces down after wetting (unless you spray, then you’d pin first)

HOPE THIS HELPS :slight_smile:

You can block on an ironing board, a folded blanket or several towels (or both) laid on a bed or the top of the dryer.

I use the cutting board for sewing with layer of plastic to protect the cardboard.


Yay! This is perfect! Cam, those articles were tremendously helpful and omigosh, those squares look yummy! Phantom, I think I’m going to get a foam board. That makes oodles of sense :thumbsup: :yay:

Thank you!!! :mrgreen:

Ok, this thread got the responses I was hoping for on one I asked the other day. But I bit the bullet and here is my sweater now that I got it wet.
I would like it alittle smaller, but I don’t have any place to lay it out flat that is big enough.
Any suggestions, are more than welcome.

Can you tell I am nervous, I forgot the pic.:roflhard:

smaller? well just do the foam board and plastic wrap trick or wash it if its washable material, washing can cause a little shrinkage IF YOU USE WASHABLE FABRIC. Some fabrics (100% wool) will felt and shrink completely. be very wary because some are meant only for hand washing. no matter i would just do it on the kitchen table while the kids are at school or while the hubby is at work :wink: you can stand and eat for a few hours. if its a total space issue and table is off limits. go for the garage or basement.

Another blocking question: Has anyone blocked sweaters for females with breast forms underneath?